Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lolita dreaming & other styles.

One of my new year's resolutions is to get a lolita dress! A legit one! I'm not ever going to really go into full on lolita with my closet, however, I'd absolutely treasure a lolita dress to wear to nice outings or poetry readings. *sighs dreamily*

My style of lolita is still under construction, but, I'm thinking it's along the lines of classic lolita. Classic lolita uses less bright or sweet colors, and instead uses more muted, rich colors (like browns, crimsons, greens, plaids, etc... with some ivory or black) and has a more simple look... now, this isn't the official definition, however, it's what I've gathered from looking up images of classic lolita dresses, haha.

In the mean time, I keep my eyes peeled for dresses that look lolita and if they're a decent enough price, I buy them. I'm also going to keep looking for anything I can alter or modify to look more lolita. A lot of blog sites I've looked up so far suggests moreso than anything that there are possibilities for thrifty lolita that looks just as authentic. This means you sort of work with accesories or make your own accessories that aren't necessarily a lolita brand, but, that look lolita anyway. I'm really excited!

Any one of these dresses will do.. It's so hard to pick a look, but I especially love the second and third one. Deep blue and crimson are my favorite colors! ;o;

This one is also SO cute!

I'm also very in love with the sailor style!

I'm BOUND and determined to get a lolita dress of some sort this year ;o; It's gonna' happen! ><

This resolution also goes along with my "trying out new and different things" when it comes to fashion at least. I have a sense of style of my own, but, I want a lot of variety for those days that I feel like being different. Does anyone else get like that? I'm sure us girls ALWAYS do, haha, at least a few times in our life. Along with this, I'm also trying to just keep my wardrobe dressier and grow it up a little bit. So thrift store shopping will have more of a target focus, and I'm going to invest in good quality pieces too so they can all last longer. I'm turning 20 this year (?! WHAT?) so, I'm pretty sure it's time to shed the teenage style and experiment a little bit more.

This means for ME:
- Layering more pieces.
- Dresses! Skirts!
- Different kinds of shoes other than Converse D:
- Color schemes; play around with them more (oranges and blues, pinks and browns)
- Quit having just black as my only neutral with clothes.

This just SCREAMS my style.

I love lots of scars, neutral colors like grays and blacks with denim. And BOOTS. Oh yes, boots.

Patterened dresses/long shirts are also my favorite. I love any that have an empire waist, or are slightly baggy like a peasant top that I can cinch in with a belt. These always looks awesome with scarves and lots of fun accesories, like layered necklaces. And ya' can't forget the stockings and boots ;) Though baggy jeans and converse look good with them too.

Though I'm not an extreme girly girl, I adore this style here! It's not as much classic with a twist of edginess like my style normally is, however, it would fit into my wardrobe well. I may wear longer skirts, or shorts instead, but I love the high stockings idea with boots or ankle boots, or legwarmers and graphic tees.

I'm always so inspired by fashion! I've finally been able to define my style though...

My style is where classic (like pearls, camios, more muted colors/class colors, Victorian style, vintage) shakes hands with edgy punk (converse, baggy jeans, high boots, stockings, etc..).

Huzzah! Thanks for reading guys. :)


Cheryl said...

Omg! I want a lolita dress too! We really need to try and sew one, or make one off of a dress that already sort of looks lolita ish. It will happen! Your dream will come true! I'll be on the look out for a lolita dress for you! Love you girly! X3 and those pictures are so lovley! Yes, Classical lolita is my favorite style too. Its just so elegant. ^^ *mmm sigh* ^^ <3

Meghan said...

Aaaah thank you dear! I KNOW! I want one sooo badly, haha, but it'll take a while to save up x3 'Til then, I'm good with lolita-esque dresses, whether they're thrifted or off brand or not. *hugs* <33