Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sometimes I just want to go.

... and be in a time like this.
When days were spent with family and friends, not hovering over textbooks or researching on computers or mindlessly watching television.
When our eyes were filled with natural imagery of our beautiful world, untouched by industrialized hands or rotted away by pollution.
When we didn't rely so much on technology as a way of being and living.
When true creation of inspiration was rooted.
When happiness was truly found through family, art, reading, falling in love, friends, and time with God, not through lustful sex or money or technology.
When lying in fields while reading a book all day was considered productive and you didn't have to allot time just do so.

Sometimes, I get these clouds of thought; clouds that of thought and just desire to just shed all that's of this world and be truly set free. Sometimes I just want to run away, wild and in nature, letting go of stress and disappointment; fear or worries.

And I'd only look back to smile gently and let my fingers brush against the waving, tall grass, as it sighed its goodbye.


Cheryl said...

I agree Meghan. 100% This life that we live here in America... some times it really does feel like its not really living you know? I dont think this is what God intended. :( It makes me sad... how much time is spent at trafic lights, in textbooks, on the computer, the tv, phones, even music some times... *sigh*... I was thinking today. that the times in my life when I read more, drew more, and gave up the internet or technolgy were some of my most happiest and peaceful days. :) *sigh* we should try to atempt a no electronics week again some time soon. :) see how it goes. ^^ Love you girl. We may not have that kind of life now and days, but this is still earth, and we will just have to take time out of our busey lives, and make our own little world and lifestyle like that, and really cheerish those moments and nature, and the gifts God gives us through them each day if we take the time to be silent and enjoy them. ^_^

Meghan said...

Yes! ;_; So well said... I do hate all that time given away to measly things of earth, whether I'm consciously giving them away or not.

I want my fingers and hands to cramp from writing or drawing, not from texting or typing. I want to feel mentally healthier, spiritually flourishing... It's sooo hard, but, I'm going to try harder ;o; You'll have to keep me accountable too. I don't want to get stuck going through the motions, I want to progress and keep moving forward.

*hugggs* <3

Mattie Elizabeth said...

I wish I was in that picture... I love living in America though, we have it so good and don't even know it. But I believe spending time in my textbooks isn't just something that I have to do or that it's wasting my time, I'm learning things and attaining new talents that God has chosen for me to do so that I'll help people / save lives in the future. I think everything happens for a reason, maybe you're in a traffic jam or in a line at the store because it's a witnessing opportunity. Yes, technology has made us a bit lazy, okay really lazy for some, but with it's advances we're curing diseases and making people well. We can talk to people many miles away and people are using that as a tool to share the Word.

I'm not downing on you, just some healthy arguing. XD I love you girlie! I wish I had more time to just relax and be with my family, but I know that doing all this work will benefit me and my family and that I'm doing it for Jesus. ^.^

Meghan said...

Aaah this is very true Mattie :3 I never mind another point of view, it's actually a very good point of view to have... sometimes, I am too negative about things instead of seeing the better opportunities in them all. It's easy to get caught up in what I want to do or what I want to not do, but, it's not really 'bout that in the end, is it? :3 It's about witnessing, and living to God's glory, and always giving Him glory -- even for things like traffic jams and textbooks.

*hugs* This totally convicted me, thanks so much for your comment <3