Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello, 2011.

A new year already? Wow! I can't believe it, honestly. 2010 flew by, and so, so much happened, changed, turned around...
It was an amazing year though, really.
Even though a lot of bad or heartbreaking things happened, a lot of blessings happened as well. I glimpsed God's love and with patience and prayer, witnessed a miracle recovery of someone I love very dearly...
I gained courage and discernment from Him to step into a relationship based on faith and courtship.
I've learned a lot on how to be a better friend, better daughter, roomate, girlfriend, and follower in Christ.
I grew wiser, but younger, at the same time. I truly laughed a lot, cried a lot, became angry, felt blessed, felt hurt, but felt grateful. All the things that, wrapped together, are put on me to make me step towards being a better version of myself. A stronger version of myself, and a version of myself ready to do God's will, and further in my plan for Him.

But, those are all the serious parts I guess that every new year blog calls for. :)
I also got a LOT of my goals accomplished, as you've seen in a previous blog, that I'm really satsified about.
However, as you also saw, I didn't get all of them accomplished... which, I plan to really focus on doing this year. I feel like I'm finally a productive and diligent person, compared to the lazy and almost TOO laid-back person of the past few years. I'm ready to take on these goals and take them on with confidence! *rolls up sleeves*

I'll settle for 10, since it's an even and healthy number, haha.

1) READ MORE. I really want to strive for 25+ books this year...
2) Save more, spend less.
3) Try out new things, of all sorts -- fashions, music, foods, books, movies, etc...
4) Start doing freelance photography work.
5) Maintain a healthy diet/weight, and routine exercise. (lose a couple sizes?? flat stomach?? Yes please!)
6) Buy a lolita dress?!?!
7) New cosplays -- Sailor Jupiter, Belle (ball dress), Rinoa, or Haruhi!
8) Draw, draw draw. Experiment with new mediums.
9) ALL A'S IN CLASSES. >< Really try for it in design, too.
10) Tackle a new hobby/interest -- learn the piano!

I really hope I can do all of these, though some may be harder than others, I'm going to really try hard...
Have a great year everyone, remember, our lives are merely vapors in the wind -- here for only a little bit, then vanished in an instant. Enjoy them and be grateful for the time we are given!

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