Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The sunshine inside of your heart!

Today I was watching an anime, called Diamond Daydreams. It's all about little stories of girls who all in live in this central area of Japan, Hokkaido, who all go through their own life stories and they all end up in different ways.

One of the most inspiring stories, was about a girl who was an ice skater who's best friend was also an ice skater, both starting really young. They're the best of friends, but they both wanted to win the gold when they were older. They were walking together and it was snowing -- in the anime it's called the "diamond dust" in folklore -- and if you wish on the diamond dust, it's to come true.

This was one of the aspects that caught my attention.

The other was that they're story was rather sad -- one of the friends sabotaged the other by hurting her to keep her out of skating, so she could win the gold. The hurt girl ended up running away from skating all together, but recently decided to return, and she just wanted to see her best friend and make amends. Because they wished on the diamond dust together that they'd win the gold medal together, and "split it."

In the end, both girls became best friends again -- through the trials and the rough times, they found a way to be complete in one another again. One of the last things they left their story at was, "No matter if the sun is out or not, it can still be a beautiful day -- because the sunshine is in your heart!"

I was like, BLOWN AWAY just now thinking about it, as well as after reading this lovely comment from Mattie on my recent blog, in which I found myself complaining about things again: (I hope you don't mind me reposting this, Mattie! XD)

"I love living in America though, we have it so good and don't even know it. But I believe spending time in my textbooks isn't just something that I have to do or that it's wasting my time, I'm learning things and attaining new talents that God has chosen for me to do so that I'll help people / save lives in the future. I think everything happens for a reason, maybe you're in a traffic jam or in a line at the store because it's a witnessing opportunity. Yes, technology has made us a bit lazy, okay really lazy for some, but with it's advances we're curing diseases and making people well. We can talk to people many miles away and people are using that as a tool to share the Word.

I'm not downing on you, just some healthy arguing. XD I love you girlie! I wish I had more time to just relax and be with my family, but I know that doing all this work will benefit me and my family and that I'm doing it for Jesus. ^.^"

It's so true! Thank you so much Mattie for blessing me with this comment. :)

God's in EVERYTHING, even the traffic jams and textbooks I always complain about; even in the hard times and the times I feel like giving up, I feel forgotten, ugly, or unloved -- God's in every negative feeling, trying to grab us by the shoulders and tell us otherwise. What the devil uses for evil, God will sure use for good - and He has before. It's ridiculous to really sit and dread on things, or complain when there's so much beauty even in the things we complain about. There's so much beauty in life, even when the sun's not shining outside.

So, in this time of winter, when it's cold and dreary, little sunlight, with a lot of worries or struggles or dark thoughts, we should just take time to really take God in -- what are we doing for Him? Are we giving Him glory by complaining? By acting negative and pessimistic? No! Who wants to believe what we witness if we don't live out the joy we really have? We DO have that sunshine inside of us, but, we tend to let the cloud cover or winter of life really get in the way.

Sunlight always comes bursting through -- but until it does, we must remember the sunshine we all have within us, which is that true Joy that only comes from God, and what Jesus did for us.

When snow is falling, when ice is slick under you, when you feel cold, lost, lonely, ugly, depressed, you should look for that sunshine inside of your heart to really remind yourself -- it can, and will be, a beautiful day.

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Mattie Elizabeth said...

There is always a calm after the storm. We just have to get through it with a smile.

Your welcome :3 And you know the more closer we get to God the harder the devil tries to knock us down, so you just gotta keep the strength and faith.

I'm so excited about the poetry reading, which is something I'm totally looking forward to during this nasty weather. ^.^