Friday, January 14, 2011

365 days project!

Just wanted to write a quick blog about this project I'm taking on for the year, in case you all were interested in following on my progress!

I'm going to be doing the 365 days project! Now, this is a very broad sort of project, but, basically the idea is to do something every day for the entire year. "Do something" as in: drawing, sketching, painting, writing, blogging, documenting outfits, photography, etc... Something that you can keep and collect to look back on and see progress.

I've decided to tackle this project as well as improve my illustration techniques; so I'm going to be doing a drawing or sketch of some sort, every single day for the entire year! @.@ 365 drawings, wow... This should be fun!

Now, these sketches will range from anything, but basically, just what I can get done within that timespan. So, I probably will stick to just black and white pencil sketches, no coloring or really fancy stuff. I want to use this project to work on a lot of things with my artwork:

- Porportions: Human proportioning is a lot harder than it looks! Especially if you're trying to display different body types.
- Variation: In a lot of different ways; style of characters, hair cuts, outfits, personalities, poses, etc...
- Posing!: I want to make a lot of unique poses, whether that means referencing for help or trying it on my own. @_@
- Solidify my style: Make my style more unified and consistent.
- Sketch faster, and neater: Normally when I draw, I'll end up using a light table to ink a sketch on a new, fresh sheet of paper. So my original sketches are usually always smudgy and messy and erased a lot, because they end up getting retraced anyway. However, I want to try to train myself to SKETCH much neater and much faster on the spot, so a light table isn't becoming a crutch. That way I can also get used to doing quick commissions for people that are just as good as an inked and colored drawing. This is the main focus of the year :3
- Challenge myself!: Sometimes I never challenge myself, I get stuck in the same boring routine with drawing. It stinks! I want to do more, try more; fanart, poses, outfits, backgrounds, etc...
- To have fun drawing!: Really make myself draw everyday. I love drawing so much, it's an escape, and keeps my mind sharp and focused. Drawing every day will really help stimulate inspiration and keep my hand skills sharp :3

That's just a few of the things, but, I'm really excited! I am a bit behind though since I only started the project early in the week, however, I'm trying to catch up so I eventually just do one drawing per day.

Wish me luck everyone!

If you wish to follow my project, here is my deviantART folder for the project. Thanks for reading!


Cheryl said...

Ok... so you totaly inspired me to do the 365 days project!! X3 Though Im majorly behind. ;_; haha! XD but oh wells! lol! XD any way. Im so proud of you! Keep up the great work! I can see your improving already! this is so exciting! ^.^ Yay!!

Meghan said...

YAAAAAAY!! :D I was hoping you'd start it too!!
It's pretty easy to get caught up. Each drawing for each day doesn't need to be something of huge substantial artistic-ness (o.O) it just needs to be something to keep you drawing everyday, so we can keep getting better :3

What helped me was to draw things based on themes/concepts/ideas, or, just illustrate out something that has happened recently/on that day. And it doesn't take too long to catch up, I'm still trekking along slightly behind too, haha. xD It can be daunting to tackle 365 days worth of drawing, but, we must try!

Can you imagine how great we'll be by the end of the year?? :0