Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A cosplay check-list/update. :D

So, this blog is mainly for personal account on what it is I need for my cosplays coming up. XD

Official cosplays for AKON and TnT this year! = Fire Nation Katara, Season 3 watertribe Katara, KH2 Kairi & Malon from Legend of Zelda. Also, I'm doing a formal Katara for the ball (if we'll be going to a cosplay one at all, maybe at TnT) as well as a Kairi rave outfit! :) I also may attempt Katara's swimwear for cosplaying while at the pool! ;D Hahaha.

Sooo, based on all that, here's whats Is needs :3

- Season 3 Watertribe Katara:
- Redo the leg and forearm armor.
- New Velcro for Necklace.
- Dry clean.
- New boots??

Fire Nation Katara:
- Pattern detailing on skirt (handsew on)
- Anklets, necklace and upper arm pieces need to be made.
- Paint braclets gold.
- Fire nation hair piece thingy needs to be made
- WORK OUT MORE Dx Abbbbssss.

KH2 Kairi:
- Repaint rubber on shoes to black (too chipped off).
- Find better belt for around waist.
- Make/find new stone necklace?

Formal Katara: DONE! <3


Rave Kairi:

Katara swimwear:

So, once I get some of these things/get further along, I'll definitely update later. I'm stoked for my new cosplays though! :D And can't seem to focus on school very well, oy vey


Can it just be summer already?!

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