Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cosplay update, 4/26/2011; and elf ears?!

Cosplay progress is going steadily, but still going. I'm getting further on Malon, though a good cosplay work day of lots of progress would really be nice. Maybe once school is over with, ugh @_@. The last thing I want is to start getting super stressed about something that is meant to be fun; the Malon detail work is going to be stressful and time consuming for sure, so I would want to have time.

But, Cheryl! I researched elf-ear ideas. And everyone on Cosplay.com was point me to this place: http://www.aradanicostumes.com/elf_ears . I looked at their ears, and they seem REALLY legit! Adella hasn't answered me back yet, but maybe this is what she did? Just ordered them? They're I think the ones we'd use are the anime elf ears or the large anime elf ears. I hear their quality is really nice, so, that'd be a plus for us. We could purchase them unpainted, or add $5.00 for the color we think would be good for us (probably the light skin tone color). If we got them unpainted, we'd be able to go to Hobby Lobby or wherever and match up our skin tone to some paint and paint them that way.

What do you think?! :D I think these could really work!

Season 3 Watertribe Katara:
- Redo the leg and forearm armor.
- New Velcro for Necklace.
- Dry clean.
- New boots??

Fire Nation Katara:
- Pattern detailing on skirt (handsew on)
- Anklets, necklace and upper arm pieces need to be made.
- Paint braclets gold.
- Make necklace/choker
- Fire nation hair piece thingy needs to be made
- WORK OUT MORE Dx Abbbbssss.
- Make sure blue contacts I already have will still work ><

KH2 Kairi:
- Repaint rubber on shoes to black (too chipped off).
- Find better belt for around waist.
- Make/find new stone necklace?

Formal Katara: DONE! <3

- Make base skirt
- Make scarf
- Make base shirt
- Make apron thingy
- Find shoes?!
- Find basic, brown stretch belt for around waist
- Bowser broach & triforce belt buckle
- Order wig
- Figure out elf-ears; order, or make.

Rave Kairi:

Katara swimwear:

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