Sunday, April 10, 2011

Taking it all one day at a time.

"Four to five days compared to a lifetime isn't that bad." -- Daddy :)

This is so very true. I need to slow down, take deep breaths, and take each day at a time, loving each day, and making each day its greatest. I worry so much on the future, that anxiety takes over and nearly swallows me whole. I find myself never enjoying the time I have in the moment, I find myself not realizing, yes, this stress with school just means a better future in the long run. I find myself wanting to capture absolutely everything without really taking it in. I find myself rushing and scrambling to finish instead of enjoying the time finishing.

I was driving today in my car, listening to Taylor Swift, with the warm sun radiating in through the windows and I just couldn't help but feel really happy and content. I truly took time to soak everything in; the crisp sounds of her quirky country-pop voice, the lyrics she sang, the way my car whirred on the bumpy roads, the melting butter sun into the lavender dusk sky, the smell of fresh cut grass and seeing friendly people relaxing in their yard, soaked up in conversation. The taste of summer is on my tongue, the feel of its freedom and excitement at my fingertips... It's just those simple things like a peaceful car-ride in a small-town, the excitement of what's to come in the summer, that makes everything that's stressful just disappear.

In four weeks, I'll be sitting outside on my patio at home, soaking up the rays of the sun with no worry or stress of school to bog me down. Just four weeks! In roughly nine weeks, about two months, I'll be hitting up Dallas with my best friends to our first taste of the convention of a lifetime, attending another one only a month after that. Summer will be full of warm nights of meteor showers and stargazing, snowcones and fresh grass, bonfires and swimming, barefeet and shorts, sun on our skin and letting our hair hang free. Handstands, bubbling laughter, cosplay, trampolines, days off, sleeping in, conventions, fireworks, reading, drawing, running free from stress for a little while... Summer is such a time that we should be grateful for and thankful that's on our way. God is truly blessing us all with an amazing time coming up, and I just know that we'll remember it. :)

Hang in there guys, summer is coming up close. Let's live one day at a time, soaking it all in, and not let these stressful days and weeks bring us down. Keep our eyes up ahead on summer, and what God has planned for us. Warm sun is peaking over the horizon, about ready to burst in rays of orange, yellow and red. We'll get to be let loose from this stress for just a little while to run in the ribbons of light, laughing and playing and making lasting memories.

I can't wait!

Love you all!

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Mattie Elizabeth said... lol

Yes, I catch myself doing it too. But I jusst neeed to stay focused and do well in school. That'll just make the summer more worth while.