Sunday, March 18, 2012

Beautiful results.

I'm going to fight for this.

Looking my best and feeling great about myself, I mean.

I think it will help with a lot of other problems too. Like self-esteem and confidence issues. Like for a example, maybe I won't be so clingy or worried about being "pretty enough" for Ethan or something. I don't feel like he pushes that on me or anything, but it's my own self-editing and self-critique that causes me to feel like that's all he cares about or that's what matters in general. I also end up just not ever being happy with myself and then pushing myself more into relying on food for comfort or being sedentary and not active enough. When I allow myself to be negative and hateful towards my body or appearance, it makes this worse.

Instead, I need to go through with optimism, confidence and assurance that when I work hard, I will get results I want.

I ALSO want to get fit and look good for cosplay too, haha.. I want to be an amazing Yuffie/Rinoa/Korra/whatever else I'm aiming for in the future.

I've started my transformation by writing some encouraging words on my mirror in my bedroom, that I'll see everyday when I'm looking at myself in the mirror. I want to start off the day encouraged and positive -- that will make a lot of difference.

Secondly, I'm going to work on trimming down the soda and fast food intake, as well as working out more. I'm aiming for more water intake than soda intake a day, and working out a little everyday. Whether that's the gym, or just working out in my room.

I'm going to weigh in every two weeks to see how my progress is going -- when I start seeing progress, it motivates me to do better and work harder.

Starting work on cosplay will also motivate me more and keep my mind focused on my goal.

Overall though, I'm gonna' be praying more that God blesses me with the right mindset to tackle all of this. That it shouldn't always be about worldly beauty, but spiritual health and spiritual beauty. If I feel better about myself and the temple He gave me, I can further glorify Him and be a light to others. If I'm drowning in negativity and low confidence, how will I get anywhere with His word? I'd only be focusing on myself.

And now... some motivating pictures, as well as some of my favorite cosplay pics to keep me motivated and inspired!

And thanks for always being an inspiration to me, guys :) Encouraging, motivating and pushing me. As well as never letting me stay too down in the dumps too long. I don't know what I'd do without you! <3

This Rinoa is seriously my favorite I've seen so far; uhhhh she's so beautiful, and the cosplay turned out so flawlessly. I'm intimidated, haha, but she's a very sweet cosplayer (she cosplayed Kairi and gave me a direct comment on complimenting my Kairi @.@ -flushed!-), and is very inspiring. :)

More of her pictures. Her boyfriend is my FAVORITE Squall too x.x And they have such adorable chemistry, aaah. Perfection. <3 (BTW: They were at AKON last year. As Rinoa and Squall, AND I MISSED THEM A;LKDJF;DF! Dx)

This Yuffie is my favorite Advent Children style one I've found. She's so spot on and her attention to detail is fantastic! I'm basing most of my cosplay off of her rendition :)

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