Monday, March 26, 2012

A blog about a blog.

So our new project for my computer graphics class: creating a blog. Shhwwaaatttt.

It has to be a professional blog that hosts design or illustration work, or just process work, inspiration, etc... anything that you'd want to show clients or future employers as another sort of portfolio thing, or share with other designers for inspiration. I"m pretty stoked about it! I think it'll be a great experience. And another way to document my work. When I get that blog up and running, I'll have to send you guys a link :)

So the weather is stupidly beautiful outside. And my return to school has been, ehhh okay. My Inktank class has a lot of deadlines due, but our teacher was sick so she left as soon as she could today. So the stuff I was rushing to get done last night and had to leave the party early for? YEAH, not even important enough to her to stick around for really, lol. Ohhh well, that's life I guess. I just want to survive Inktank and do well.

I'm working on CD/booklet art for this band that came in to Inktank. My concept is themed around one of their lyrics, talking about how we're all just subject to being turned into fools in a consumerist society. My idea is kinda' hard to explain, but once I get it further along I'll try to post pics or something :) Ethan's actually going to be the model, haha. But his face won't be showing, so he doesn't have to worry about emoting or anything. Cause I'm sure he'd feel awkward trying to act upon extreme emotion in front of a camera, bahaha. I'm excited for it though.

I also may be doing another album artwork/booklet for Chase Schwartz's band, Hanging Haley. I kind of want to do an entire re-branding of their band because their logo isn't so great - but that's not up to me, haha. He hasn't gotten back to me on it though so I hope my more professional graphic designer ness didn't scare him off. I'm trying not to get taken advantage of by friends or acquaintances with design work, so I'm charging him and going about it in a contract way. our teachers tell us to start doing that early so we can get used to working with clients like that, and not get screwed over just because they're friends or whatever. Cause that totally happens if you're not careful D:

Also looking for photography jobs... so if you think of anything or hear of anything, lemme' know! I'm desperate, haha. I'd like to get some extra cash saved up through design and photography since work isn't scheduling me much. Though spring break should be a nice check since I worked so much. We'll see!

I can't wait for the Medieval Fair this weekend, and so stoked I can go now! I need to throw together an outfit. :D I also can't wait to work more on cosplay.. I'm wanting to get some of my finished already so I won't stress about them later. We'll see how this goes, haha.

Love you guys! And stay creative! ;D

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Cheryl said...

That sounds so awesome Meghan! Can't wait to see your new blog when you have it up and going. :D and thats cool about designing stuff for Chases band! :D wahhh! Im so proud of you Meghan! and I'll keep my eye out for people who are looking for a photographer!! :D