Monday, March 5, 2012


Praying hard for Pastor Gary and Eric.. I just pray that they recover fully. Especially Gary since he's still in critical condition in the trauma center; God bless that Eric is released and recovering.

I went to a prayer service thing at the church. I originally wasn't going to go cause I was so sick from being tired and exhausted, and I was going to nap; but oddly enough, I randomly woke up around 6:40 right about the time I'd need to leave to be on time for that. I heard giggling and laughing like Lara had friends over; I was a little peeved at first cause this always seems to happen when I want sleep. But then I just calmed down and let myself think: choose your battles. What's more important. So I got up, got dressed and ready and by the time I got out of my room the girls were gone and Lara was checking up on me. I was able to handle my annoyance and exhaustion and put it aside me. It may seem like a small thing, or like "so? what's the big deal?", but with how easily I've been flying off the handle, it was an accomplishment in my eyes.

By the time I got there (through traffic and slow drivers..) it was halfway done, but it was still nice to pray with everyone for a good 20-30 minutes. I love small town church communities - they're so tight knit and strongly bound..

I also have been praying for Marsha. She's not any different, apparently (I'm getting updates from Dixie); still bubbly and optimistic, herself, just a little weakened and out of it cause of the medication and treatments. They told me a really neat fact; her blood time is "B positive". Isn't that awesome? "B positive = BE positive". It's totally perfect for Marsha, because even though all her strife, she is ALWAYS positive :3

With all the stress from school, and now this stuff, cosplay and conventions has been far from my mind. But now that I am thinking about it, I'm going to try to get to work on it all again soon. I don't want to be worrying about it right before conventions start, that's just un-needed stress.. we should all do some work days soon, or just one or two here and there, I always feel inspired working on cosplay with you guys, and it's just fun to get together and sew and be crafty :) Plus, seeing everyone else's progress is equally exciting for me as well. I also love working on it, because it is a little mini-escape from school, but still a creative outlet.

I've got a self-evaluation meeting tomorrow in the morning, class at noon, and then the rest of my day is open. Between the evaluation and class, I'm gonna' hit the gym; and then after class I gotta' work on a paper that's due Wednesday, and projects. I'm just glad I have all day open to do so. I hope I feel rested enough by then to be focused and more energetic

Thank you guys for all your optimism and patience. I always seem to be a mess, but I am working on being more optimistic and caring and patient myself. I love you guys <3

Things I'm blessed for today:
- My amazing friends and family. <3
- Ethan and his love and patience, and innate ability to always make me feel peaceful and calm.
- A church family that's strong and connected.
- A warm bed to curl up in
- Self-critique and honesty
- The freedom we have for fun hobbies like cosplay, drawing, writing and what not
- Creativity and inspiration
- and most of all, my loving, amazing, saving God and Father. He is always mighty to save.

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