Sunday, July 29, 2012

Atka, trial post

Suspended in the air, she awaited the embrace.

Her body cut through the water silently, and the arms of the ocean rocked her, took her in, nuzzled her. Curling into herself, she allowed her body to float, bob and sway with the rhythm of the ocean. Swirling, dancing, twirling and frolicking, she allowed her body to be donned with the finest cloak, the most soothing garment. She sunk further and further, letting her fingers sift through bubbles, opening her eyes to glance up at the surreal reflections of the world above. Reflections of a world she lived in, yes, but here she truly felt at home.

Oh, how she loved the water.

Up, up, up, bubbles and salt and critters passed her as she swam up and back up into the air, gasping for breath with laughter. The sun broke through the wintry clouds, warming her cold cheeks. The water was freezing, considering it was the Northern Water Tribe's lands, but her body was apt to the cold water and trained well enough, it felt snug, casual, like hugging a long lost best friend. It'd been a while since she truly just submerged, sunk, and felt her element truly all around her. No temperature would keep her away.

A shriek pierced the air. "Atka, you're going to FREEZE to death!" Panic splashing followed, then a more smooth gradient of pushing and pulling the water. She was greeted by her younger sister, who's panic-stricken eyes were evidence enough Atka should get out. Atka sloshed some of her wild hair away from her eyes and smirked at her sister.

"C'mon, where's the fun in that?" she asked.

"Seriously," the little girl said with a small lisp, "We need to go; mom's worried!" 

"Okay, okay fiiiine. Two more minutes." Her sister's groans of protest were muted as Atka pulled herself back in, submerging all the way to the point her toes touched the sand of the bottom. Her heart sighed in contentment, her body felt exfoliated, her soul cleansed, like all troubles were submerged with her, but as she broke and felt the light of the sun, the rest of her problems sunk and floated away.

Well, if only it could be that easy.

When they broke to shore, waterbending the water from their clothes, the sisters were met with a frowning mother tapping her foot. "I know you are a waterbender, Atka -- but seriously, you can't risk being out in so deep in the waters right now... What with all the recruitment going on.."

"I know, I KNOW," Atka reassured, resting her hands on her mother's shoulders. Atka was slightly taller than her mother, well-toned and stately, but her mother was more petite and gentle. She had sweet, loving brown eyes and the beautiful Inuit skin, her hair braided down to her waist. She had a spark of youth in her still, but the war and recruitments of the Northern Water Tribe were wearing on her day by day.

Atka was always rumored to be a top recruitment from the Northern Water Tribe. More stealthy in her style of waterbending, she could easily fight offensive, and passed flawlessly as a stealth-assassin fighter. She had minor training in healing, but considering their original home being the Southern Water Tribe, Atka took up the spirit of offensive fighting and waterbending to keep her loved ones safe. Defending her mother and younger sister felt not only like her job, but her calling. Fate's chance hadn't ripped Atka away yet, but at this point in the game, no one knew what would happen next.

Plopping down on in her wolf-skin hammock, Atka hung sopping clothes up and quickly changed into freshly dried garments, traditional water-tribe wear -- woven tunics, arm guards and bracers, sheepskin and wolf-pelt accents. Atka preferred functional wear, anything that she could bend and fight in. She saw no purpose in clothing that was only made for style. It was hard being at the Northern Water Tribe, the bigger of the two tribes, considering most of the girls were all about being charming and beautiful here. The Northern Water Tribe's history naturally had women healing and being guarded by the warrior men, so of course they had time for more frivolous things. Only few Northerners she noticed stood out to her as different; however, she missed being home, where she could rough-house, explore and be herself, not feeling inferior in her looks or appearance. She heaved a sigh.

As she dressed, she caught herself in an ice-bent mirror. Atka's appearance held potential, and she had natural beauty, but in an understated, plain way. She was nothing near delicate, little and fragile -- she had more muscle to her, more curve in her hip, more strength in her waist and arms. She naturally held good posture, her feet firm but ready to move. Her eyes were an ice blue, her skin a softer tone of the Inuit tan, and her hair was choppy and short, asymmetrically hanging around her face. She got tired of the traditional water-tribe woman's hair style, and short hair was more functional and easy to manage. She left enough length for a small braid here and there, so she didn't seem totally barbaric and odd. Though honestly, the traditions within the water-tribe confused even her sometimes -- why did it all matter so much?

"Who knows," she breathed, and then tugged her jacket hood over her hair, exiting her tent.

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LOLOL. It's like all fanfic and what not XD

But Mattie's post inspired me. <333

I want to work more on my character. I already have a good chunk of her personality and appearance down in mind. I'm really excited to start working on our story more! I need to get sketches of Atka done first though so you guys have reference of what she looks like. I think this will be a super fun and unique way to keep our creative juices flowing, as well as keep in touch beyond just blogging and Facebooking :3

Take care! and thanks for reading, haha!


Mattie Elizabeth said...

I need to make an introductory post...

BUT OUR CHARACTERS SHALL MEET! I mean, we live in the same water tribe ;D

I love it :3

Meghan said...

Yeah!! that's what I was thinking, too. xD either they'll meet, or they already know one another/be friends, etc...

Atka was going to end up being recruited, obviously, I just need to figure out why/how first XD