Sunday, July 8, 2012

Make it true.

I love, but also hate, the dreams where you wake up & reality is unfair.

The dreams that are so beautiful, perfect, wonderful that you want to be wrapped up in them and never let go. That you want to run away from consciousness and the world, and just keep falling into a wistful sleep if it means the dreams will always be alive.

You're surrounded with warm and comfort; the world is safe, perfect, whole, righteous. Everyone you love is there; everyone is happy. There is no stress, no anxiety, no sadness, no tears. Everyone is laughing, everyone is themselves, everyone is open. It's an oasis with lush greens and never-ending waterfalls, towering silver mountains, miles of flowers and greenery. The sky is a shade of beautiful purple as it slowly dawns a brilliant dusk and then nighttime, wearing a blanket of stars and a wane, yawning moon. The water glistens, the weather feeling like a perfect summer evening. Everyone is gathered in the crystal clear lakes and pools of water,  chatting and socializing. We are all elemental benders of some sort, sharing our skills and love for our spiritual connection with nature and those around us. We embrace the love, relaxation and comfort of the moment; we feel God's beaming glory all around us. Everything feels perfect.

I'm in the water, in the center pool, talking and singing with others around me. I start twirling the water around me, and it wraps around my waist, spinning me gracefully through the lake. My hair is long, curly, thick, and it billows around me in the water. I allow myself to sink more and steady my spinning, my singing growing into a chant that everyone else stops to listen to with soft smiles. I look like a goddess of water, a beautiful princess emerging from a happy ending. I'm slender, pale as night with dark hair and bright eyes. I appear inwardly happy and joyous, as if nothing in the world is pinching or holding my heart down. As I spin in the water, slowly, my hair turns from its dark brown hue into a silvery white, stealing the moon's beauty. The moon's light pours on me, my body energized with the power and grace.

My hair as pale as the moon, I continue spinning, dancing in the water, as it lifts and swirls around me effortlessly. I hear happy noises and clapping from my friends around me, for they love when I focus my energy and spirit in such a way to channel the moon's full strength. I'm putting on a small show for them, a demonstration of my training and progress. They are pleased, happy for me, encouraging me and some even start singing as well. I feel beautiful, powerful, wonderful.

Everything is great.

Everything is.. perfect.

Then, I wake up. I hear my buzzing fan, and then the muffled sound of talking and a movie playing through my door. It's warm and humid feeling, sticky almost. Daylight pours through my uneven blinds. My speckled ceiling above me is chipped and off yellow. My alarm clock blinks the incorrect time like a mindless robot. It's Sunday.

Just another ordinary day, in an ordinary and imperfect world.

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Cheryl said...

Wow Meghan, that first part when your describing what the place looks like. It reminds me of what I think Heaven will look like. ^__^ but wow... that sounded so beautiful!! I wish dreams could be real too. But some day they will because we will get to go to Heaven, and Heaven will be even more brilliant then even our most amazing of dreams. Love you Meghan!