Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gyahh tchh pfft

Mattie will kinda' get this, what we were talking about earlier (who, specifically) but I'm gonna' rant

Girls who do revealing cosplays (boobs hanging out, revealing tons of skin, etc... you get the idea) and then get offended or annoyed with guys complimenting all the time, always mentioning their body/looks (sometimes even saying over the top things) ARE STARTING TO BUG ME. Not to mention, same girls that decided to always say they never feel like they are in shape, and tend to openly point it out every five seconds in really awful ways ("it's OBVIOUS I need to lose weight, omg" or "I just look like a total fat blob, ugguuu) and they are clearly like tinytinytiny, probably only 115 pounds, great bodies, clearly fit. 

I understand everyone has their self-esteem issues, but when you openly post things on Facebook how awful you think you look in an indirect "joking but really take me seriously and compliment me/pity me", with your 3,000+ fans, 3/4's of them dudes who are only lusting for you, when you KNOW you get complimented all the time by them anyway, you are clearly just asking for compliments and attention. 

Let's be real here.

I guess I just exploded after seeing this person post a picture of herself on dA, and she's in the picture all cute and smiley in cosplay, and then saying "it's clear I'm out of shape" when in fact I would kill to ever be her size. 

ON TOP OF THAT, just cosplayers in general that wear that kind of cosplay, the really freaking easy ones cause there is literally nothing really there clothing wise half the time, get more attention than cosplayers that have amazing amounts of craft and detail in their work and make everything themselves? Or people that DON'T do characters who are totally revealed in nearly every way? 

I'm really trying to change my mind with like being judgmental and stuff, but I can not help but be bothered by girls that just vie for that kind of attention and receive way more praise and attention for their "hard work" when other amazing cosplayers are easily passed over or not paid attention to at all. It boils my blood, where has modesty gone?

It's probably also just generated from the anime character design in general I guess, which is making me realize why I probably do like stuff like Avatar/Korra and what not, they're much more modest and practical when it comes to what the women/girls wear. Same with Final Fantasy (sometimes, haha) their outfits can be really amazing and awe-inspiring, detailed and beautiful, but still pretty modest. 

IDK, it's late, I'm ranting, I'm sorry 

But really. What the heck.

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Cheryl said...

Meghan I totally agree! -__- I noticed that Siren girl posted more pics on Facebook, the cosplay where her boobs are falling out, and guys were just like complimenting her boobs saying they look bigger. UGH! nasty... I don't know why girls dress like that to get attention from nasty guys. ><