Friday, January 8, 2010

Joyfulness vs. joylessness

I can almost visibly see true, spiritual, Christ-like joy in people,
and at the same time, I can almost visibly tell if they're without it.

It's just from studying both sides on the spectrum, and being on both sides of the spectrum: joyful, and joyless. It's not seeing auras or reading minds, it's seeing body language; realizing how people talk, how people act. You can tell Christians with such joy in their hearts just have this glow about them; they smile more, they're genuine, they're true, pure. Even if they're troubled, or sad, there's a light of hope there for them that the lost don't seem to have yet..

Joyless people are just so grim and seem almost hopeless. They have a way of masking bitterness and joylessness, with witty, dirty or sarcastic comments, or a facade that's as thick as mud. They think they have a security in their life, but they truly don't. They seem to shrug off any sort of spiritual or eternal type conversation, or they try to have an answer for everything to seem like they're not concerned, not worried.

Joyful people don't have worry or panic in the same sense that joyless people do.
Joyful people know where their eternity lies.

Just some musings on the idea. I just feel like I can just sense the joylessness in some people; whether they show it, or not.


Cheryl said...

Thats so true... And thats really cool you can sense and see that in people. ^^ the second paragraph about the joyless people really sounds a lot like Lee... :( It makes me feel really sad for him... :( I wish he would come back to God...

Meghan said...

It really does. I forgot what it was that stirred me to write this and just think on this so severely, but it was something along the lines of such a joyless person making some witty or sarcastic remark or something on Facebook I think... It might've been Lee for all I know. :(