Sunday, January 24, 2010

The simple cure.

This picture perfectly portrays how I looked this morning while nibbling on the cookies my mom made. I felt like I had to be secretive when it was obvious I was taking more and more off the tray. Oh well!

Anyway, I've been working some more on my writing/poetry, and that means structured poetry as well.
Haikus are always a good, quick way to sharpen structural poetry skills, in my opinion. They're still a little freer, but also fun to figure out, while making them make sense.

This haiku was inspired from my own problem I'm working on. I find myself complaining a lot. And it wasn't really brought evident to me until in Sunday school today, when my Sunday school teacher asked "How was school going?" I answered saying I was stressed with design, but another friend said "YEAH, Facebook tells us all of that -- I log on and I always see 'agggghhhhhhh'." I felt slightly embarrassed and awkward, but, it brought to my attention I DO complain about school so much, and broadcast it out loud or on Facebook or something.

Negativity leaving your lips actually causes negativity in your life. I'm trying harder everyday now to be more optimistic and cheerful, rather than negative and stressed. It'll not only help me deal with stress, but it won't put that stress on other people. To go along with this goal of mine, I'm going to try to tease people less, and just talk to them and encourage them more. Even though my teasing means I'm close to them and am comfortable, sometimes when I'm teased, I don't like it -- sometimes it's too much. So, I'm going to keep that in mind also.

It's written objectively, so anyone can read it and take it as wisdom instead of my own personal story. :)

The simple cure.
Poison leave your lips,
But cleanse with Truth, and beauty
For the simple cure.

Cleansing with Truth is engaging in God's everlasting Word.
Cleansing with beauty is replacing negative, bitter comments with beautiful and encouraging ones.
The cure is simple, but we make it harder than it actually is.


Cheryl said...

Awww! that was lovely! ^^ I need to work on that too, not complaining so much. :( *hugs* I'll be praying for you, I know design is super stressful and hard. In my mind you have every right to complain, and I never really noticed you complaining on facebook that much. But I see why that upset you what your friend said to you in sunday school, that prob would have upset me too. Who was it that said that? was it josh? Any way, I love you girl! Your Haiku was awesome! ^^

Cheryl said...

Haha! I also love that picture. X3 haha.. tehe. XD ^^ I do that too some times, when Im sneaking cookies. XD My mom made more cookies today, I already at two! D:

Meghan said...

Haha, yeah, it was Josh. I wasn't angry about it, because he stated it jokingly, it was more eye opening than anything though. *shrugs* ^^

And I guess everyone's their own worst critic, exactly why I notice it more than anyone else probably. But there's always room for self-improvement. :)

And yes! I like, 4 or so cookies today D:
They're soooo good though. ;o; <3