Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Love like a battlefield.

For some reason, after listening to "Battlefield" by Jordin Sparks over and over and over, this image of Emmy and Damien came to my mind and further initiated some "Darwin Theory" story action. :D Emmy and Damien have a sort of strained relationship/tragic relationship, if you will at the beginning. "Battlefield" really applies to them in a lot of ways, IMO.

However, on the "Darwin Theory" note, I'm thinking of renaming this story to something like "Sense" or "The Parallel" or something like that. "Sense" is relevent, considering each one of the concrete main characters has a special "Sense" or power that is unique to only them. However, in the Parallel, Senses aren't like what the normal world have - they are extensions of one's self, based by strength of heart and character. There are 7 senses in all in Parallel, so seven concrete characters. All the details continuing with that are fuzzy, however. The "Darwin Theory" aspect hardly even remains anymore - I really branched off with this story and turned it into something entirely different, it seems.

Anywho, to here's a pretty intense scene between Emmy and Damien. Emmy is trying to convince Damien to join her, Dr. Hayes and Braden to help lead the Righteous of Parallel in the war. All of this is still very under-developed. It's very hard coming up with unique, easy to remember names and themes that match with the story style and setting. Due to that, concepts/names, etc may change.

The world of Parallel is very ... interesting.

However, on the snippet, and enjoy!

- - - - - - -

We stood there, motionless. His back was turned to me, and my eyes stared over his shoulder, stunned.

Did I really just see that?

With a twist of his wrist he took his sword out of the lifeless body. He lifted it up above his head, and it glinted in the red sunlight. The wind howled, the bare trees crackled, but silence was heavy between the two of us. "Damien," I breathed.

He was instantly behind me, and I felt a heavy, cold pressure on my collarbone. A muffled cry left my lips, my breath hitched in my throat. I glanced down, and stared right back at my mortified expression reflected in sword's blade. Everything died down, the silence was deafening.

I swallowed, clenched and unclenched my fingers. I had to be strong, I had to be stoic and emotionless. Damien fed on fear. "Why did you do it?" I asked calmly. "He was only an innocent messenger --"

"He was a messenger for the enemy and you know it, Emmy," he snarled in my ear. I resisted the part of me that begged to run away from this place, give up on finding my dad, give up on trying to help lead this war, giving up on everything and returning to my quiet life. Reflected in that blade, however, reminded me of all I didn't want to run back to - safety, comfort, superficiality. If I ran back now, my father would never be saved. I'd never get him back. And the entire planet of Parallel would be in ruin.
"... why are you so protective of such a weak, pathetic being?" he continued, pressing the sharpened steel tighter. It pierced skin, drew blood, and I noticed the red liquid already staining my tunic.

"Y-You must understand that killing anyone is nothing but senseless violence, brought out because of hatred or extreme emotion, Damien ..." I heard him growl angrily, but I continued on, growing more and more confident in my words, "you killed him not even knowing his purpose for being or his intentions. You're doing nothing but being selfish again, when you can hone your skills and Sense to use to help SAVE Parallel, not destroy it! Senseless killing and cruel minds are what the Enemy have, Damien, and the Righteous shouldn't have that at all!" I howled.

He grew silent, and finally, withdrew his sword. I stumbled forward a few paces, getting away from him as quickly as I could and then turned swiftly. He wasn't watching me, he had his gaze lifted to the sky, and something in his expression was somber and saddening. I followed his gaze, and it lead to a break in the black clouds, but only tainted sun spilt through. He grimaced, his eyes darkening, and in an instant, in a blink, he was behind me again, closer this time. "Damien," I started, unfazed, "Just listen to me. We need you ... the entire world of Parallel needs you.. I need you, too." I admitted it. Though I hated his attitude that reeked of arrogance and crudeness, I needed him. His strength, dexterity, and his special ability of fighting and Sense. I turned to face him.

It was quiet again, and I realized, this was the closest Damien and I had ever stood. Hatred and redemption radiated from his crimson eyes. I didn't know what was going on inside his mind, what he was thinking of. I stared at him, defiantly, strongly.

"I'm like those clouds," he whispered, all too quietly. "Dark, blackness, emotionless and hateful. Even when they break apart and allow light and sun in, it's only tainted light; it's only the red sun, not warmth, not health." I felt my heart slam against my chest, and he turned completely away from me. I felt the urge to reach out, for I felt he was about to leave, but I didn't. "Why help a world where it's done nothing but take advantage of my Sense all this time? When it's done nothing but use me, throw me out, expect more each time? No, it's not going to happen. I'm on my own."

I froze when I felt his presence instantly behind me again. His lips were at my ear: "You need to listen to me this time: you need to get away from me. Get far away, before any more damage comes to you. For I will bring it upon you myself, Emmy." And with a gush of wind, he was gone.


Cheryl said...

WOW! XD That WAS intense! XD But I loved it!!! You are such a good writer Meghan!! *__* I could like feel all the strong emotions so well, it was awesome! :D Also, I guess I dont remember as much of Darwin Theory as I thought I did... ;_; I didnt remember the stuff about Parallel. Can I reread it some time? Because this sounds sooo awesome!! =D The story line and everything!!

Meghan said...

Parallel is sorta' a new concept, but, the idea was in my head all the time. It is sorta' hard to remember everything, so I guess it's all the same story and character concepts, with A LOT of new stuff thrown in XD;; I'll have to dig up the old stuff of Darwin Theory sometime and read it I guess.

Jace said...

first off, i read it. thought you would like to know that :)
So from what I can gather, this scene takes place towards the middle of the book. The characters were talking as if things had happened between them and many events had taken place. Emmy also seems confident in her words and understanding of the world around her so i assume she has been there long enough to get comfortable with it and fully understand her situation.
You pay close attention to detail of the surroundings such as the wind, sun, and lighting, which creates a parallel emotion with the scene. your understanding of scenery and situations helps create a emotional account between the two. I'm impressed with this.
Damien claims he's emotionless, however he shows quite a bit of it towards Emmy, and if i didn't know any better I'd say she had feelings for him.
over all its a very interesting snippet and shows your style of writing quite well, which though rough, shows great talent. I look forward to reading it from the beginning, and learning more about the story. Great job.