Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's time.

I loooove this song. It's my new song I'm listening the crap out of. It just ... makes me feel inspired, encouraged, motivated to change and start something new and begin something, but all the while, understand it's okay to be who I am. Embrace and love yourself <3 p="p">
And I understand the video is representing a homosexual couple, but I thought it was just too sweet. The video is adorable, and the message is even better. He's encouraging him to move on with his life and give himself so much more since he has so much potential; lovingly sending him off to chase his dream. I see it also see it as a best friend singing to his best friend. :)

How's everyone's week going so far? Mine has been okay, just tons of homework and projects (what else is new? Haha!) I also have a research paper to write. Bleh.

It is more interesting than other research papers I've done though, it's comparing two different designers -- one famous, legendary "rockstar" and a modern/contemporary, new "rockstar". We compare and contrast the reasons and criteria that make them rock-stars and how they hold up against one another. I think it will be pretty interesting to research, I'm just not good at organizing my thoughts into an essay :P

I went to the library yesterday to get books for it, and forgot how easily I can get lost in there. It's soooo quiet and peaceful. I was in the 3rd floor looking at the design books and got carried away looking at way more than I needed to, haha. There's a lot of great reference material, illustration and advertising manuals, and tons of great research on specific design styles and designers. I need to utilize research more and more to develop myself further -- it is rather important.


Tonnns of updates/progress check-lists. Mainly for me, but also, to look back on and re-check off next blog. It helps keep me in check of things, lol.

Daily work-out regime:

- Jog/power walk at least 10 minutes a day
- 15-20 minutes core, upper and lower body work-outs (including: squats, Russian twists, crunches, lunges, etc...)
- Possibly the weight machines/cardio machines if I have time (mainly upper body and core)

Work-out goals (to be achieved by the end of the year)

- Jog/power walk at least 20 minutes a day
- Run a mile each day (maybe even start timing mile run: starting goal: 15 min. mile)
- 30 minutes straight core
- 15 full-push-ups each session
- Strengthened upper body; able to take on more weight
- Lose 20 lbs./tone up
- Shoot for lowering %'age of body weight


- Drink recommended amount of water a day (64 ounces) to more than recommended amount (gallon = 100+ ounces) to make up for sweating during work-outs
- No longer eat heavy past 7:00 PM (exceptions = friend outings/family outings/special plans; I will sacrifice elsewhere though to make up for it, or eat way less)
- Portioned meals.
- Adhere to calorie counting and shoot for low-sugar meals.
- Bigger breakfast, smaller lunch, smallest dinner
- Snack here and there, healthy, to maintain daily metabolism
- Ween away from soda (probably the hardest part of the diet yet, gonna' try to limit it to twice a week I allow myself soda)
- Resist sweets (candy chocolate, baked goods, etc...) as much as possible (rarely is it a temptation to me, but I can cave in sometimes)

I'm getting better! And am going to push myself harder. I also have a cruise to look forward to I want to shape up for. ;D Gotta' look nice in a swimsuit and formal wear again.

Cosplay progress:

Izumicon cosplays: Photo Finish (MLP; Friday or Sunday), Princess Cadence (MLP; Friday night formal & Saturday), Rinoa Heartilly (FF; Friday or Saturday)

Princess Cadance = 45% done!

- Order Cadance wig
- Corset backing to dress
- Ribbon bow belt for dress
- Find new Cadance shoes?? (gold/metallic)
- Jewelry?? (gold/metallic)
- Shorten/hem dress??
- Translucent shawl/saran for arms??
- Contacts?? (purple/magenta)
- Make tiara
- Make necklace
- Make cutie-mark broach
- Make & paint wings
- Make & paint unicorn horn
- Make & paint ears

Photo Finish = 25% done!

- Order Photo Finish wig
- Buy Photo Finish shoes
- Add ribbon to Photo Finish skirt
- Black gloves??
- Add jewels (???) to Photo Finish skirt - solve problem
- Buy teal stockings
- Find large sunglasses/modify sunglasses
- Find striped blouse
- Buy fabric for scarf, make scarf

Rinoa = 100% done, just tweaking/ironing out

- Retry everything on, good and ready to go
- New tank-top?
- New way to fasten duster
- Get boots from Sable

PROGRESS DEADLINE = goal to be done by this weekend Oct. 19-21

- Cadence: started on broach, necklace, tiara and wings; search for new shoes; research contacts possibility
- Photo Finish: order wig, order teal stockings, find sunglasses, buy fabric for scarf, add ribbon to skirt, find blouse?? (scout out more places)


Main goal is to be done a few days before Izumicon; I don't want to be working on it the night before, that's insanity. @_@ And way too stressful. I gotta work hard on the weekends on stuff or else it won't get done. Hopefully I can get together with Ethan and he can help me make some of these accessories, I want them to be stable and professional looking so they can last for future cons. So probably gonna' get a fiberglassing and poly-resin lesson. Yay!

3 weeks really to get it all done.... AAAHHH! Freaking out a little, but it honestly shouldn't be too bad. It LOOKS like a lot, but it really isn't a lot, haha.

I also may try to throw together a fun rave outfit; maybe get tons of jewelry from those $1 jewelry stores, some neon-colored stuff from other places and figure something out. Haha! I haven't been to a rave in a while; hopefully I will be feeling up to do this one and get to dance the night away :)

Soooo many things I'm looking forward tooooo~

Mattie comes back in a day, this weekend is going to be fannnnnnnnntastic and wonderful and well-needed. I also get to sleep in on Thursday 'cause our teacher cancelled class :DDDDD Halloween is coming up, which means being in costume at work and tons of fun! Maybe a Halloween party? Who knows, lol. Fall is also here finally, which means amazing weather and hues of orange, red and yellow everywhere. <3 i="i" m="m" p="p" so="so" stoked="stoked">
LOVE YOU ALL! Keep me wishing luck to keep doing my best. :) Your support and constant encouragement really helps. I truly have the best friends ever!

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