Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Watching Prince of Egypt as I do homework; I love this movie! Oh man. Goosebumps every time I watch it. The animation just takes my breath away. They really get down to every last detail. The music is just phenomenal, I mean, every song is great.

Even better, it's such an amazing story, glorifying God, and it's in the secular world. I find it odd they play it around Easter on television (since it's not the Easter story), but you know, whatever. Whatever way that's possible to have God's love be known right? ;) I think it'd be amazing if the studio that did Prince of Egypt did an animated movie about Jesus' story. OHHH WOW, that would be an intense one. However, very powerful and effective. And I'm sure God would do amazing work through it.

Things have gotten a lot better since, well, yesterday. Haha. Sorry about the upset blog. I broke down yesterday, cried a little bit, got upset, stomped around, whatever. I threw my hands up and almost quit, but I just vented it all out and am back on track. Gritting my teeth and clenching my jaw, but I'm going to get through this week and these deadlines. I'm trying to keep a positive outlook and optimistic mind the whole time. Even about Lara and Cody stuff, I'm trying to be friendly and nice. I shouldn't get so angry and upset, I don't have to constantly put up with it, but I need to quit being so hissy and cold.

I've been praying about Ethan stuff lately and wow, what God does when you lift things up to Him. I was feeling doubtful, upset, sad about stuff with Ethan again, as I have before. But this time I just broke down and prayed for a good 30 minutes. Crying, talking to God, letting it out. I just said that I want to know if this is what is planned for me; if it's worth working things out. Well, that was the night before yesterday, but yesterday evening I visited Ethan, kinda' surprised him. I asked him to come outside and he did, and I just sort of cried into his shoulder. He held me and comforted me cause I was so stressed with everything. I guess it all collapsed at once. I vented to him and he listened, and gave me advice, and then we went inside and watched funny videos and just relaxed. It was only for a couple hours, however, he helped cheer me up a lot.

I also noticed when I was sitting in his room that where he usually hung one of his weapons, it was replaced with a single, pretty butterfly necklace. I asked him what that was for, and he said "It's for you". And I got all excited and happy. And asked why, what for, etc... He said it had been one of my potential birthday presents. And that there were two others hanging about the room. I was shocked! I found two more, sterling silver necklaces. One was a music note, the other a key that had "faith" and a cross within the design. They were so dainty and simple, but beautiful.  He said he had been so overwhelmed with what to give me, that he didn't end up giving me any of them cause he was worried they weren't enough. It was just really sweet and compassionate, I was overwhelmed at once I guess, lol!

I guess that was a sign to me that I need to start thinking more optimistically about things; that I need to understand that no one is perfect. That I shouldn't focus on those wrongs and faults about Ethan, but see all the good. See his compassion, his care for me. He has his own way of showing it; but he is very sweet and caring, and even righteous and wise with a good head on his shoulders. Everyone messes up, and everyone is selfish and immature sometimes -- why should I hold that to him so strongly then?

I'm still going to be praying consistently and constantly for us though. Cause I know this relationship is only as strong as God wills it, is only as strong as God being consistently in it. He's the one in charge, not us; He's the one that brought us together, and is keeping us together. I need to put this relationship in His hands.

I'm ready for so many things!
- Halloween, Izumicon
- Fall clothes, new fashions
- Thanksgiving break, Winter break
- Less school work :P
- Time for drawing, reading

I need to be working out more; I did really well last week, but over the weekend I blew it :P I'm gonna' get back on the ball though tomorrow when I don't need to rely on coffee and sugar to keep me awake. It'll feel good to get to running again though and have my body be sore. I love feeling sore, haha.

I've done well with homework so far, and am making progress in cosplay. Overall productivity for the week has been very good so I hope to keep it that way! :)

Thank you all for your amazing support encouragement and care. Anytime I'm down, moody, grumpy, whatever, you ladies lift me up and help me through it, no matter how petty or silly or serious it seems. I love you all more than you know. My friends are amazing and I can't be more blessed to have you <3 p="p">


Cheryl said...

YAY!! I'm so glad things have gotten better for you dear, and that God is answering your prayers about Ethan. I know he will only answer them more and help you two grow closer together! I'm so proud of you and happy for you! Continue to work hard! Love you! ^_^

Becky said...

I'm so happy for you that you just gave it all to God. :) I will continue to keep you in prayer and that you get alot of work done.You Can Do It! XD Hey,have you seen the anime version of Jesus? I believe it's from the creator of Mulan. I can post it on FB for you if you want.I must warn you though,it's very bloody. It's about the crucifixion. Anyway,LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! ^____________^