Thursday, October 25, 2012


So far, I think MOST of the major buying/spending for cosplay is done -- wigs are ordered, major pieces purchased. All that's left is making stuff and putting it all together, haha. Maybe buying/finding one or two more things... but man, I'm definitely thrifting them. It's so annoying to order online cause it's so much more expensive... But, it is convenient, I don't have to run around everywhere trying to find stuff and stress myself out. Stress is no bueno. :P

I'm ready to be done with it all though and have Izumicon be here. I still need to budget money away for the ticket price, food and room. Other than that, I'll probably only buy art and that's it; I doubt anything in dealer's room will phase me.

I'm just so stoked for a weekend getaway! Man, I seriously need one. Spent with friends making new memories. Taking tons of pictures and cosplaying and being around nerds and others that understand me more. I feel like I can really be myself and shine more. :) I'm also gonna' make business cards and pass them around when I take people's pictures so I can possibly get some more clients. 

I'm also still trying to get people interested in mini-photoshoots for about $20 a shoot for 30 minutes. I personally think that's plenty of time for lots of shots, at a good fee. Let's hope others see it that way >.< And it will definitely help me pay off the convention and recover a little bit financially, haha.

Also, I think I finally will have enough cosplays sort of stocked up that I can just re-wear again and again for future cons. So I may not do much more new cosplays per con, maybe only one at most. That way it's cheaper and less stressful. Though honestly cosplay prep hasn't been too stressful thus far, so that's a plus :P

Princess Cadance = 60% done!

- Order Cadance wig
- Corset backing to dress
- Ribbon bow belt for dress
- Find new Cadance shoes?? (gold/metallic)
- Jewelry?? (gold/metallic)
- Shorten/hem dress??
- Translucent shawl/saran for arms??
- Contacts?? (purple/magenta)
- Make tiara
- Make necklace
- Make cutie-mark broach
- Make & paint wings
- Make & paint unicorn horn
- Make & paint ears

Photo Finish = 45% done!

- Order Photo Finish wig
- Buy Photo Finish shoes
- Add ribbon to Photo Finish skirt
- Black gloves??
- Add jewels (???) to Photo Finish skirt - solve problem
- Buy teal stockings
- Find large sunglasses/modify sunglasses
- Find striped blouse
- Buy fabric for scarf, make scarf

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Mattie Elizabeth said...

You MUST take and post lots of photos! I hope you guys have loads of fun!!!