Monday, October 22, 2012


I'm just in a bad mood today :(

I want it to be winter break already... A whole month off from school. No homework at all, no dumb teachers. Just working, relaxing, friends, family and being away from freaking UCO.

I'm tired, I'm ready to graduate, I'm ready to move on with my life.

I just am sick of teachers. Apparently we were supposed to have stuff in the Dropbox on Thursday cause this coming Thursday we have it due to the client. I stayed up 'til 3 AM Wednesday night finishing up so it would be in there on time. She was supposed to critique it that day and give it back to us, and we put our revisions in the DB by 6 PM on Sunday. Well I checked Sunday morning, and she had no critique posted whatsoever on anyone's stuff. I checked today, nothing. So now, class tomorrow morning will either be her explaining things, or her getting unnecessarily annoyed with us for not having further revisions or progress.

But how CAN WE, when she doesn't do her job?! And it's not our job to email her to remind her, jeez.

Also, she took for-freaking-ever on one stupid poster/ticket project that practically the whole class did, that now, all our other projects have been ignored or pushed back cause critique took so long on that project, and she critiqued it every single day. I'm just so annoyed..

Another teacher has this stupid research paper due this week. She already pushed it back a week or so for some conference she didn't plan on. She originally stated how we had to set up a rough draft revision meeting with her and then have 2 peer reviews. Not in any certain order. But then she had to change that when she said she couldn't take anymore meetings past a certain time because of her conference. So that screwed me over, and the meeting time I had set with her, and I was never able to meet with her. My friend in class mentioned how we don't even need to have those reviews now cause she's been changing stuff so much.

I get an email from her a few days later saying "I've been reading some of your papers and it seems like none of you are doing peer reviews before meeting with me. That is a necessary requirement. You all should be paying attention to the requirements" and blah blah blah. SO ANNOYING. She's totally changed things on us three different times.

I'm just like "SCREW IT" and am writing the paper, not reviewing with her, turning it in, calling it done. It's annoying enough that this is a once a week class but she requires all this freaking homework and research papers and group projects on-top of her insane tests that require days of studying to do well on. I'm so done with this class. She also wants us to do some stupid poster along with the paper that's totally pointless. Just extra freaking work.

And then keeping up with my other classes is so annoying, Personal Finance is a joke, no one takes it seriously and everyone is not paying attention in class. It's beyond boring. It's nothing like a Financial Peace course, but instead, boring business/textbook definitions of every freaking thing with finance. I'm not doing well cause all these other classes have been priority. But even these other classes that are my priority and major courses can't get their crap in order.

I'm also just on my whit's end with freaking Lara and Cody. I'm sick of him barging in, I'm sick of her not regarding my feelings and dropping me for him. Seriously, her and I could be hanging out and having roomie time, and he just barges in and sits on the couch and throws his arms around her and I'm the third wheel, and she does NOTHING. She whines and complains if she hasn't seen him all day, when he lives right across the hall. Freaking get over it, I get lucky if I see Ethan a couple hours a week.

Literally, she came home, and I was super cold and distant towards her. Minutes later, Cody comes barging through the LOCKED DOOR, (God, can't he just knock instead of trying to walk in?) and they were all over each other talking and crap on the couch. Like seriously. I got up and left, came to my parent's house, not a word to them where I went. I don't even care anymore. I'm tired of trying to act nice and fake about it.

I just feel really lonely in that apartment, at UCO, even though I'm surrounded by people. Even coming to my parent's house, they're always to themselves and don't really try to cheer me up or hang out with me...

I'm about to pull my hair out from the loneliness, the bitterness, the constant driving back and forth and driving places just to get away. Why can't I just come back to my apartment and have THAT be a resort? But no, it's usually me hiding away in my room trying to ignore the couple I live with. I swear.

When I wanted to talk to Ethan about something involving us, and about seeing him, he told me he "didn't have time to have that kind of conversation, especially today". I just feel shut out and ignored everywhere and I'm about to break down, I just know it...

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