Friday, October 26, 2012

Art nouveau!

Aaah, so I had my History of Illustration class this morning.. it's a weekend course, so this weekend and next weekend, Friday/Saturday morning. It kinda sucks cause I don't normally have classes on those days, but eh, whatever. It's a full credit and only four days of class :P

But anyway! We discussed a lot of illustrators and different styles. I was just reminded of how much I love illustration and have been severely missing it. I've barely had time to get any illustrations or drawing done at all, it's so disheartening ;-; But, I'm gonna' try to catch up when things slow down.

I love the art nouveau style the MOST though - oh man, it's so gorgeous. The line quality, the colors... I want to draw stuff in that style, and pull characteristics from that style to apply to my own work. Do art nouveau, and make it my own; I'm stoked! It's more realistic in nature too, but I feel like my style is leaning more towards that anyway. Compositionally art nouveau is gorgeous as well.

I have work tonight 4-11, and then class tomorrow 9-12 and then work again 4-11... and then Sunday I have off. I'm gonna' be so tired though, oh man. Since last week pre-weekend times, I've been running on little to no sleep per night; I think maybe one or two nights I just crashed for 10+ hours, but that just threw me off even more. I really need to cycle my circadian rhythm again...

Before Izumicon I'm gonna' try to finish our TnT video/slideshow -- I know I'm sorry it's late! I'd started it in the summer and then school happened lol... I figured it'd be still okay to post it though cause it can get us excited for Izumicon and future cons :3 Mattie, I wish you were going to Izumi :'( But you shall be there in spirit, my dear.

But yeah.. at work we get to wear costumes. I'll probably wear Korra and maybe Kiki. And then if I work a third day, wear Rinoa. Or possibly just a pretty long wig, my green dress I got from goodwill, some accessories and elf ears, lol, and be an elf. Whatever. XD

Overall, this week has been long, stressful and constantly going... and it's been an off week too. Like just little thigns. This morning I was late to class and walking around trying to find my glasses and well... crunch. I ended up stepping on them, and breaking them :///// However, they're still wearable, the lenses just pop out if I put too much pressure on them or if they're hit or something. Also, I may have lost my student ID, and I was just behind in some appointments and deadlines. Bleh. Save for the weekend I haven't seen my parents, friends or Ethan, just texting and talking over FB. So it's been lonely and just boring here.

However, I'm noticing my patience and temperament has been pretty good regardless. I'm trying to think in prayer more often and not be so negative, easily angered or bitter. Like when I stepped on my glasses, how I'd been acting for a while, I would've been really angry, raging, maybe even cursing crying just frustrated... idk, my emotions have been all out of whack this semester. Little things pushed me over the edge a lot, but lately, not so much. But with my glasses instead I was just like "Awwgggh jeez," and just fiddled with them and eventually fixed them to be wearable and moved along. Other things too I've just had a better attitude all around, which has been making this week a lot easier I guess. Progress none-the-less :)

Thinking in prayer constantly helps. And surrounding yourself with positive people and positive influences helps as well; honestly, I've been getting to know more positive people in the design department and have been straying from Jasmine and her negativity and cursing and anger and that may be a benefiting factor. I'm also doing better in school and classes (design at leastt my other classes are falling short, lol..) because I'm not distracted by her being there and us talking and stuff. I get my work done and move on to the next thing.

Maybe God is doing all of this for a reason; well of course He has a reason, haha. But I think I'm starting to realize that now.

Sable's coming over in less than an hour, I'm gonna' take some photographs for her headshot she has. She's gonna' do that audition to be an extra in a movie, possibly Thor 2?! Haha that'd be so awesome. XD

After work tonight, I'm gonna' come home and go to bed ASAP. Maybe do some reading, writing, or drawing to calm myself down and then sleep as long as I can 'til the morning.

Prepare for art overload *___* couldn't choose!

The Art Nouveau style, both of the period, and some modern interpretations. Most of these are by Alphonse Mucha, the KING of art nouveau.

Gorgeous color schemes.

The draping clothes, the amazing hair... @_@

One thing I love about art nouveau is the realistic style, but as well as the Greek influence of facial features; so it's stil slightly stylized. AND, look at the women; they're curvy! They're average sized, but still beautiful! I wish the image of "beauty" wasn't so skewed nowadays.

Art nouveau always has stunning compositions.


STUNNING work. My first experiment with art nouveau is an LoK series I have planned. I love the movement, and how she's breaking out of the frame. And the piece on the top is just... sheer gorgeous in its simplicity. And executed in colored pencils!

An adorable Disney piece, mimicking Mucha's seasons piece :)

Two modern adaptions of nouveau; the one on the top is Rapunzel :D

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