Wednesday, December 26, 2012



Ugh, I've been sick. It's been worse today; hopefully, this is as bad as it gets. It's stuffy nose, swollen head, sinuses inflamed, body aches, coughing, etc... Not enough to incapacitate you to a bed to keep you from work, but just enough to be totally annoying throughout your day.

I swear, my boss gave me the hours this holiday season he did as "payback" for being gone a week for the cruise. Black Friday, Christmas Eve, AND the day after Christmas. Like seriously? Worst days ever, guh. D: Oh well. The cruise was TOTALLY worth it. Uggh I miss the water, and the service, the fun, and feeling like a million dollars. I'm gonna' blog more about it later though, after I'm done editing my pics and sifting through all... 700 + of them. LOL!

Break is nice though, but of course, gotta' do some design work :P I'll rest when I'm dead, lol. They want us to submit for an awards show, so I have to go up to UCO and print on Saturday. After that, me and Ethan are going to Manheim Steamroller. My parent's got us tickets for Christmas. :) Just gotta' get through one more shift at work and then printing/finishing this stuff and Saturday night shall be wonderful!

I talked to Lara about my living situation, and she didn't seem as upset as I thought she would when I told her this next semester would be my last on campus. She was really understanding. I'm ready for a new start, and ironically enough, going back to my parents may help. It helps get the focus off of "crap, I need groceries and this house item and this house item" it gets rid of the temptation to eat out, it's quiet here, it's not so far away from everyone. I'll probably start looking for internships next summer and really get started growing up. I'm excited, but nervous! >.<

Christmas was so wonderful! Kinda' chaotic, I had my brother, his wife and my niece here. She's an adorable baby though, smiles and laughs all the time. Super cute. :) It was so great to have a big happy family here for the holidays; that's the first time in a while.

I got some really good, practical gifts this year: graphic design and illustration books/magazines, giftcards to Target and other stores for clothes/house stuff, etc... as well as things like socks, make-up, toothbrushes, nail-polish, etc. And some fun things of course, like a Wonder Woman lunchbox, a vinyl laptop skin and the Avengers on blu-ray :D Mainly just blessed for a loving family, fantastic friends, a wonderful boyfriend, a roof over my head and for Christ. Christmas really reminds me of all I cherish.

Things to look forward to:
- New Years!
- Manheim concert :)
- A day off tomorrow @_@
- Sleeping in :D
- Drawing more!
- Christmas party with FRIENDSSS!!!
- More hours = bigger paychecks = present buying and clothes shopping and then saving for me :)
- Quality time at home, in quiet, rejuvenating

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