Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One thing at a time

Mattie, I'm watching Nanny Diaries and it totally makes me think of you... the sweet, smart, loyal and creative nanny of the spoiled rich people. Practically raising the child. XD It makes me miss you so freaking much D': I'm just like "OMG! This is what she's going through D:" and I want to FaceTime you or fly out and rescue you, haha.

It may be a more exaggerated version of your life, haha (considering you're in Maryland and not NY, and your rich couple you work for actually have important jobs, and many other differences @.@) but still.... Hey, you end up with Captain America too cause Chris Evans is the love interest ;D Cap x Black Widow?!?! Shwwatt?

But seriously, I freaking love this movie. I'd seen it long time ago but re-watching it is fun. Scarlett Johansson is becoming one of my new favorite actresses. She's so cute and quirky in this movie, and then she can be hardcore and awesome as Black Widow.

This movie makes me want to not be afraid to find myself. Learn more about myself. "being thrown in an unfamiliar world to truly understand our own"

Tomorrow is really my only day off this week, and I'm going to make it count.

- Getting up early... unfortunately
- Wrapping gifts for family
- Compiling notes for Personal Finance and History finals
- Studyinggg D:
- Working on finishing up my online class stuff... I sure hope I don't fail that dang course .-.
- Working on scholarship posters for business department
- Submitting business hours
- Maybe even get some stuff moved out

I hope within all that I can have some down time and fun time. I really want to work on my Christmas drawings I'm doing for everyone, as well as maybe have some roomie time with Lara... I'm going to try to talk to her about everything with her and Cody and how this past semester felt for me. I feel like honesty is the only way to get things to change if I'm going to be living here another semester. I shouldn't quietly put up with it and expect change.

Tonight at work was my first night closing and running the store at night by myself! It's a lot more steps and a lot more to remember, and a lot more responsibility than opening in the morning honestly. Everything went well though! It didn't blow up, haha, so that's good. :P There were a few quirks with customers and complaints, however, that's normal. It's weird but kinda' cool finally being in charge. I deserve it; I've been there long enough.

Even though work is overworking me, I guess it's time to embrace change. Getting at least a few months in a leadership position at work will make it look good on a job resume, if anything. Also, now I can do "anything" there really, in the compass of calling shots and being in charge. I hated how he'd hire brand new people as the shift leaders and I had to technically work "under" them, but I trained them most of the time. It was so annoying :P

I can't wait to hang out again with everyone.. I am in so need of a friends day. Big party, hang out, whtaever. Whether it's the Christmas party or a girl's day in the future (I sure hope sooner than the Christmas party though) it will be well needed <3 p="p">
I bought an amazing formal dress today from Goodwill for $10! First one I walked up to and first one I tried on, omg, it fit me like a glove like it was meant to be. It's simple and long, to the floor, a nice fitting green dress. The back has a pretty bow, it almost makes me think of Sailor Jupiter, haha. I'm gonna' wear it for the formal dinner on the cruise.

I can't wait, one week from now, I'll be drifting sweetly to sleep to the sound of the ocean entirely around me. In my element, out on the sea... school will be done, regardless of grades, I'll be FREAKING DONE for the semester and on my vacation.



I'm now trying to watch all the Chris Evans movies I can. He's like my new favorite @_@ /fans


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Mattie Elizabeth said...

I could go for Chris Evans, sign me up ;)