Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Startin' to realize that lately; it is all about budgeting. No matter what it is, the best way to keep stress from happening and to keep organized is budgeting practically everything; budget your money, your time, your sleep. Budget what you think you can do when and figure out what hours you should block out for homework or socializing or just leisure time or sleep. I'm starting to fill up my iCalandar with blocks of hours that are dedicated solely for certain things; like specifically when I'm in class, when I'm sleeping, and what hours I should be setting aside for working on homework. I'm even trying to budget in leisure time and social time, but it looks like a lot of my days aren't really filled with that at all...

This all may seem drastic, however, I seriously need to recheck my life and it's priorities. I had a panic attack yesterday evening, a serious one, with how stressed I was feeling. Everything felt totally disorganized and I didn't even know where to pick up the pieces. Through some family time, and just genuine confession to God with my frustration, and prayer, I figured out that I really will be successful if I plan my time wisely. And write it down, and check it off, so it's a system and routine that I can be convicted by. I work best that way it seems like; when I'm organized and studious with my time, I get so much more done.

During homework hours, my phone will be away from me, and I'm going to mostly remain off Facebook. I'm going to try to dedicate these hours solely for homework/project work, whatever that may entail; sketching, being in the print lab, finishing projects, studying, etc... I need to focus better in school and get my butt in gear of I won't go anywhere I want to go.

I'm going to be a lot more organized with how I spend my time; for example, if we're all planning something, I'm probably going to be annoying with wanting details on time/date/place, etc, and make sure they're set in stone so I don't waste any time. I'll probably always have my sketchbook or notebook with me just in case I had to overlap homework with socializing. And sometimes I may not be able to join :/ This has been bothering me for a while, my lack of ability to be more enabled to meet up or hang out, but I honestly am trying to survive and excel in school right now, so I guess sometimes sacrifices must be made... I'm stoked for Izumicon though so I can have a full weekend of leisure and fun! Which is probably why I'm not stressing out about the table too much either, cause I don't need added stress, lol... Oy vey.

Once winter break comes around, however, I'll be soaring and will probably be gnawing at the bits to hang out and see everyone. It's truly my free, relaxed time because I only need to focus on work. So, put up with me. Haha!

Also, if I ever seem spacey or stressed or just sort of tense or on edge, do NOT take it personally; just brush it off, lol. I'm going to be like that this semester a lot; and it is never anything anybody does, it's usually 95% related back to school and my deadlines. So many deadlines... So much to do! It's sort of nice remaining busy, but it's stressful and taxing none the less if I get behind at all. So just understand it's usually always school stess, and that I'm much happier being with you guys always, even if it seems like I'm just sort of out of it. Haha!

Well, let's hope this whole budgeting time idea works.... I hate the idea of living life by a schedule, it irritates me, but if it works for me, then maybe it's something worth trying out. Just be praying for me if you could! I love you all, you are amazing :)


Mattie Elizabeth said...

We need to plan someting HUGE for winter break, just saying <3

Cheryl said...

Just be careful with like planning out every hour of every day of your life. I've tried to do it before and it made me really tired, and not enjoyed what I was doing. But idk, it might work for you. And yes I agree with Mattie! huge hangout time over winter break! :D wooot! we have to have another Christmas party too! ^^ <3 Hang in there meghan! you can do it! <3

Meghan said...

It's mainly just planning what times I can do homework/should do homework, vs. what time I can take for some leisure. That way I don't just get lazy and not do anything productive, or that I just constantly work on homework thinking I have absolutely no time for fun or relaxation. So far, it's worked pretty well :)

And yes! I agree about the hang-out times. :)