Sunday, October 23, 2011

Your heart will soar on wings.

Whew, I think I seriously just needed some church and friends time. I feel like, loads better and happier and just more at peace with everything.

I can't have it all the time, socializing and what not, but I need to really enjoy the quality time I do have of it. That's the whole key! I can't sit around complaining about life being so unfair cause I can't see my friends all the time; at this point in my life, I'm going to be busy a lot and working through school, so, I need to look at it like "I can't WAIT until I CAN see my friends again" and then just really live up the time I have and milk it for all it's worth, haha.

I also just needed communal church time, and just to be away from the atmosphere of homework and projects. Even our teachers tell us that, you can't constantly be in front of it all the time; you have to get away to be refreshed with a stronger mind to tackle it again. Which makes sense. I think we tend to try to tackle things all at once to get it done with, but it's way easier on yourself if you take it slowly and revisit it and it's something new and fresh each time you can deal with. Need. To do. Better.

But yeah, getting to go to church today and see everyone felt so, so nice. Now I can't wait 'til Cheryl's party now that THAT'S working itself out! Man! I Just need to give things to God, He's got everything figured out. I need to quit freaking out over every little thing, and learn to cope better when things go wrong. Hmm. I need to work on this too. >.o

Izumicon is coming up so soon! I have some new drawings done that I was gonna' paint in watercolor to make prints of. It's a series I'm starting, of the Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki couples. :D So far I have Kiki and Tombo and Sophie and Howl sketched out; I'm working on Sheeta and Pazu next, and then possible Chihiro and Haku and then Ponyo and her "love interest" (I haven't seen it yet, though, I rented it! :D) We'll see how that goes though, haha. Whether or not I finish them in time for Izumicon, I'm definitely finishing them to sell in the future.

All that leaves is my photography portfolio, and then cosplay. The first one can be solved if I can get MORE images and pictures taken; so, if you guys wouldn't mind, we could plan some times to get together and get some shots somewhere real quick. I was thinking Avatar, but somewhere foresty and full of nature would be more authentic, so maybe in that area behind Ethan's house or something. We could take some time from a cosplay work day or whatever, and get some shots. :3 That'd be great and extremely helpful!

And cosplay, well, we'll se how that goes. I'm HOPING to get Yuffie done in time, but I may not get Painted Lady out. Just too much work, and I want Ethan to get his cosplays done too, so I don't want to rely on him too much with too many things. So I think Painted Lady will be debuted some other time. >< But that's okay, I want to focus on the table and stuff too anyway, so I shouldn't be taking on too much myself.

Let's hope everything works out well! Just keep remembering guys that we should be praying for Izumicon too; that we can be God's light there and set an example of the Christian faith. And if things start getting stressful or we feel behind, we just need to give it to God, He's sovereign and will work things out. Let's just have fun this go around and not turn conventions into a job, but instead a fun getaway and a mission field. At least that's how I'm looking at it. :)

Thank you ladies! You are all amazing, and I love you so much. ;-; Thanks for putting up with my crazy, roller-coaster mood swings and stressful rants and bitter days. You always help me through and cheer me up! ^^

PS: Sable was thinking about in the future, a Miyazaki girl's cosplay group. Wouldn't that be fun?! :D I'd love to be Kiki, she's my fav! <3

"This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!"
-- Psalm 118:24

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