Sunday, October 30, 2011

Vulnerability and Halloween.

So I realize when I'm tired or stressed, I'm super unbelievably vulnerable to my emotions. I feel like this is something that's more recent, for in the past I never really felt like this; however, in the past (like, high school times and early college, for example) I was not up NEAR as late, or long working on stuff or working and doing school, or just feeling overwhelmed with projects. I need to really learn how to reel it all in and just control it and cope better instead of reacting to the smallest things.

Anyway, this weekend was really fun, but it went by too fast! Cheryl's party was absolutely lovely and amazing; great food, great atmosphere, lovely company.... *sigh* So wonderful! Then Saturday I got to wake up and go take senior pictures for Terry, with Amy and Dixie along with me so that was really fun! We hit up downtown and the weather was beautiful! I love photoshoots, they're such a blast. I wish I could live solely off of photography, that'd be freaking amazing. After that I ate lunch with the Stewarts, and then darted to work, where I got to dress up in costume :D I went as Malon, and when I got there Sable was getting off from her morning shift, and she was dressed as Aeris! Her costume was so well done, she made such a pretty Aeris! <3 The other two guys that I worked with that evening were sort of dressed up, but I was definitely fully decked out, haha. A lot of kids stared at me like "O_____O" cause of my ears/firey red-orange hair, and most people either recognized me, or didn't say anything. One guy even thought I was from Star Trek. BAHA!

Then today I woke up this morning and went to work all day, this time dressed as Katara -- that was certainly fun! I got to work with Sable, who did the Pokemon White Pokemon trainer, Touko :3 We were recognized a lot more today, but still, being in costume at a convention is way more fun, because you'er constantly recognized and complimented on your hardwork or accuracy. Most people that came in that recognized me was just like "cool costume" and that's it. XD I guess I'm used to convention freaker-outers, and fangirls/fanboys. Oh well, that's what conventions are for I guess. I was pretty tired after work though and was very glad to change out of it and come back home.

In Illustration II we're working on a series of illustrations called "Music to illustrate to" where we do just that; illustrate to music. We're assigned a song, and we have to create a story of sorts with a concept that goes to the music, illustrated and rendered in watercolor. My song was "O Fortuna" if you know it, haha, and my series is an epic supernatural/divine battle between a god-like/angel-like being and a demon. It's pretty awesome, and I'm very very pleased with my first two images; it's done in a moodlighting/moonlight sort of way, so the colors are really nice and work well together. And are VERY dramatic. It's just such an accomplishment to get work done that I know will look great for my portfolio, and even possibly win me awards for design/illustration competitions. :3 So that's exciting! And it makes me feel like my work and time is being paid off, finally. On top of that, I made a 109% on my past History of Graphic Design I test, which was super rewarding, cause I studied my butt off. It raised my *cough*failing*cough* grade to a seventy nine. :3 So I hope to keep doing that well and get over 100% in the class; if I do that, I don't have to take the final at the end of the semester!

*sigh* Even though I've been stressed and tired constantly, this semester hasn't been totally pointless; even if I don't just totally succeed with flying colors, I've definitely learned a lot and have some pieces that are portfolio worthy. I'm also just one step closer to graduating... is it bad I'm already getting senioritis? I want to start my career and my life! Gah!

BTW, I think over winter break I'm gonna' crack down and produce some cosplay work. Like, two or three costumes. I've discovered that working on them during school while balancing a job is really ridiculous and sort of stupid. I need to be focusing on school and work, not trying to make myself do two new cosplays just for a weekend long convention. @_@ I'll probably barely get Yuffie done, if get her done at all because of it; so I'm learning from this, and am going to produce my cosplays ahead of time when I'm not in school. I'm thinking of doing two to three of the ones I wanted to complete; my guess was Painted Lady Katara, Kiki, Shizuka, and POSSIBLY my Pikachu one and maybe Pokemon trainer Touko, depending on how long each of those take me. Kiki and Shizuka are gonna' be super easy though, so I can probably knock out four or five if I really wanted to. I also want to check off my cosplay list so I can start adding more and learning more to make more complex ones. It'll also give me something productive to do during the cold winter break, where there will most likely be an abundance of snow days :3

Sorry for the rambling; wanted to update ya' with my life! :D

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