Monday, October 10, 2011

I need to...

- Lose more weight
- Eat healthier
- Drink lots, lots, lots more water
- Pray every night
- Cope with stress/obstacles better.
- Be more optimistic.
- Try to get consistent amounts of sleep
- Try my hardest in school
- Work hard towards every goal.
- Stay off Facebook and the computer more.
- Work out consistently.

I want to look good, feel good, and stay that way. I've been so down in the dumps almost constantly lately, and it's probably linked to my somewhat unhealthy lifestyle; eating out a lot, not drinking enough water, lack of sleep, not coping with stress. I need to become more independent and strong on my own too, and feel bliss and peace in times that I'm alone instead of being sad and feeling lonely. I need to embrace quiet moments and try to keep a positive outlook that all this hard work and stress will definitely be paid off for in the end. It's like band; we put all the hardwork at the beginning and throughout the season, but the reward is soon to come at the end.

I want to lose some more weight though, to look good for Yuffie; my thighs/legs aren't necessarily that attractive for that cosplay as of now XD;; as awkward as that sounds, we're all comfortable here with one another. I also want to slim down just to feel lighter and I want to gain muscle mass. If I had time, I'd join a yoga program or pilates program in a heartbeat, but the UCO gym and budgeting workout time is the only thing I really have right now. Maybe that's something I'll look into over the summer. I know it's only a month or so away, but I think I can slim down at least a little bit more between then and now. If I really push myself. I have a lot of hip-hop this weekend for our performance, so maybe that will be a good kickstart to keep me going; not saying I'm not starting ASAP, as in tomorrow! Haha.

Well, random blog, but I felt motivated to write it and hold myself accountable in a way. Speaking of trying harder on these constant goals, I need to go get into bed so I can get some sleep. I love you all! I hope you are doing swell, and I can't wait until I can see you again :)


Mattie Elizabeth said...

I wish we could all join one of those boot camp things, the early morning kick your butt exercises? I know I really want to.. lol

I am so excited for Izumicon mostly because we all get to see each other and hang for a weekend. I really miss you!

I'm going to have to pop in more at your dorm haha or have lunch with ya'll >.<

Meghan said...

Haha you totally should visit sometime, Mattie! >o< That would be total awesomeness. Cause me and Cheryl have the same break times sometimes :D

And YES. I want to try the Insanity work out, but it's really really intense and hardcore apparently. It's like an hour a day sort of thing, with intense amounts of work and then small amounts of rest. Or something. HAHA, but it really looks like it works. You drop weight and tone up really quickly o.o I may just do the minimun of that and get some ab/pilates videos to work on, haha.