Saturday, October 1, 2011

I love October!

The whole atmosphere and vibe of the month is just so awesome and fun. Not only does it host Halloween, but it's truly the beginning of FALL! :D Cooler weather, warm colored trees, tons of fun events, finally getting used to school, fall break, things to look forward to. The finally "hurrah" before the bitter winter. I'm so stoked!

I love having stuff to look forward to, too. Like Cheryl's Halloween party, and then at work we get to wear costumes to work from Friday - Monday of Halloween weekend! AAAHHHH! I'm so excited! I literally am asking to work everyday so I can wear costumes. XD Is that stupid? Nah, I think it'll be a blast! I want every excuse I can to wear my cosplays and be considered "normal" (though, I'd wear them anyway even if I wasn't considered normal. XD) So I was thinking of wearing my watertribe Katara, Malon, and possibly whip out a new one before then. I was thinking maybe Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas or something. :) If not, I'll just wear my customized rag-doll costume. It needs to be relatively comfortable to work in, that's the thing. XD

I also got to decorate my work last night for Halloween, we're staying decorated all month. I mainly put up webbing in certain areas to accent our products and then drew some crooked, creepy looking trees and bats on the windows. I'm planning on going back Sunday evening-ish to finish it out, but so far it looks pretty awesome. :D I'm stoked! I love being paid to decorate and paint, bahaha.

And then this evening, I'm doing a miniature Kingdom Hearts photoshoot with Ethan, Sally and Ashley on their Riku, Sora and Kairi cosplays. We're going downtown to get some urban looking shots, and then hopefully find some naturey looking shots too so we can get that Destiny Islands feel. Sadly the Myriad Gardens closes by the time we'll end up getting there, but, maybe when we do the larger KH photoshoot with Cheryl/Namine and Matthew/Roxas, we can get into Myriad Gardens. :3 It's such beautiful scenery and the perfect Destiny Islands feel, haha.

On top of that, I've ordered some stuff for my Advent Children Yuffie cosplay! So far just the wig and the shoes though (the shoes were crazy more expensive than I thought though... $65!!! @_@) BUT, they are the perfect shoes; literally knee high, khaki/tan converse. That also keeps me from having to crazy modify shoes that I don't even know how I'd go about that, lol. But it's all good, I'm glad to have found some stuff already. I'm thinking about going out today before the photoshoot too to get some more cosplay stuff so I can get started and prepare. So far, convention planning is going pretty well! I just need to keep focused and keep preparing more and more. I also budgeted some money already but I need to be careful this month with eating out and unnecessary shopping so my budget can go according to plan.

Just so excited for so many things, aah! I love fall. :)

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