Thursday, January 19, 2012

The gifts you gave.

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So this evening was the design trip to Tulsa! We heard an AMAZING graphic designer, Michael Bierut, lecture for about an hour; that may not sound like the BEST way to spend your evening, but it truly was amazing! He was so entertaining but professional, and very knowledgeable about field and his career. They call him a "rock star" in the design world, and really, he is; he's designed Guitar Hero's logo, the logo for Saks Fifth Avenue, the HUUGE sign on the New York Times Building, the New World Symphony identity, and tons of other stuff for architects and other big companies. He works at a design studio in New York City called Pentagram, which is a HUUUGE design studio; they get all the major jobs, obviously, considering the ones he's worked on. His design style is sooooo slick, modern and classy, and it all seems so simple to come up with when he talks about it, it's amazing. I just feel so reaffirmed and inspired now as a designer!

Thinking about it all though, I'm also feeling motivated to try, at some point in my life, being a designer in a big city; like Dallas, Chicago, New York City, etc... now, I'm not entirely sure of that, considering it's an insanely hard and competitive market out there, and I'm not entirely sure if I could even survive in a big city like that, but at the same time, it'd be so cool to affect the world with design on a national or even global level -- and that is the ONLY way really, to work in a big city and get your stuff out there. I'd definitely be working locally after I graduate for a while, but making it in the big time with design would be really great.. it could be a great ministry opportunity as well, and the design world needs that terribly.

Also, this trip was a refreshing little trip with some of the design students; it was weird cause it felt semi like high school trips, but at the same time, not, haha. We had a charter bus and even stopped at McDonald's on the way back. ._. I was like, really?! Haha, but whatevs. AND THE PHILBROOK MUSEUM OF ART, OMG. It was SOOO beautiful. Cheryl, Mattie, we MUST go back sometime -- you guys would LOVE it there. It's an old mansion they bought and turned into a museum, but it has SUCH beautiful Baroque/Victorian inspired architecture, furniture and decorating it's just gorgeous. They have tons of old, legit paintings too, as well as some rooms with artifacts and retro furniture, dishware or electronic items. I took pics on my iPhone, I'll have to show you :D And we couldn't really see it that well since it was nighttime, but they have this amazing garden and outside walking area that just sounds amazing; and from what I COULD see, it looked amazing. I wish I had my Nikon with me, man, I would've had a field day taking even MORE pictures than I already did.

Aah so lovely though. <3

I'm kind of a little bummed though, Ethan's been acting cold and rude to me all day it seems like. He randomly just stopped texting me and then only texted me to ask me something totally random unrelated to what I had sent a few hours earlier. I was sort of annoyed so I was being short with him and then he almost cut off the conversation quickly so I asked why he was being cold. And he said he was just "in a weird mood" and that my messages were short too. But I told him they were like that because of how he was acting, and then went on this spiel about him acting ignorant and rude to me in general lately, and he was like really rude saying "Okay, okay, yes I got distracted and didn't text you back. I'm sorry." So I didn't reply, then he apologized an hour or so later, so then I asked him if he needed his space and he said "well it doesn't really matter cause I'm going to bed soon anyway" then he tried asking me about my trip but I just took that message so coldly anyway I was so put out, I didn't reply. He just gets in this moods where he just ... is so cold and rude for no reason. I also feel like he'd always rather sleep or nap than talk to me.

It just really bothers me. I'm learning to not be so weak to him though and just wait on hand and foot for his replies, and feel the need to reply all the time and so quickly. I'm tired of it, ya' know? You gotta' show me the same interest for me to give it to you, that's all I'm saying. And maybe being a little cold back will get his attention. I make it way, WAAAY too easy on him to "have me". I gotta' make it a little harder so he has something to pursue. I also feel bad, but when I came back to the apartment Cody (Lara's boyfriend) was here -- and I swear he might as well live here, he's here all the time -- and they were insanely flirty and giggly and I just locked myself in my room, lol. Is that totally bitter? I guess it probably is. Baah. I have a lot to work on.


But anyway!

I'm generally in a good mood. I'm gonna' pass out soon though cause I gotta' get some stuff done tomorrow and need the morning and afternoon as much as possible. I can't wait for our decorating parties, and we need to get together to plan AKON sometime soon too! That'd be fun as well :D

I love you all! Mwah!

PS: The last few images are some of Bierut's work. He's so amazing!

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