Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A little me time.

Mood: Whimsy and peaceful
Music: Florence & the Machine - "What the Water Gave Me", from Ceremonials
Reading: The Rose and the Beast - Francesca Lia Black

Today has been long, but tonight has been lovely so far!

I mean, overall the day wasn't awful or anything, just long. All of my classes went pretty well actually; I got good feedback/critique in my design classes, managed to stay productive, optimistic and energetic, and History of Graphic Design II was so fascinating! We learned all about the Industrial Revolution and the Victorian style. We saw a lot of posters from the era, included wood print posters (posters made with type that was made from wood and printed with; it allowed it to have a lot more decoration and a more ornate feel to it). Even though it's a three hour note taking only lecture class, I've been really enjoying it lately; plus I'm in it with some of my good design friends, so that's always good too :)

The only downside today has been I've been sort of achey feeling and yucky feeling, with a migraine; kind of those onset symptoms of being sick or something. :( I really HOPE I'm not sick, for I have so much planned this weekend! The decorating party Saturday, time with Ethan Friday night, and working Sunday all day (well that wasn't "planned", but I DO need the money, haha). It may have been onset from the other day I didn't really eat much, I just got preoccupied and forgot to, on-top of getting crummy sleep two days in a row and constantly going. I'm just taking it easy tonight and am going to rest up as much as I can.

Speaking of things planned, tomorrow afternoon/evening some of the design students are taking a bus to Tulsa to hear a really famous graphic designer speak -- Michael Beirut! I've never really seen his stuff necessarily, but if he's famous and has made his name in design, I'm VERY curious. He'll be really inspiring to hear from, and will help motivate all our spirits I think. :) Also, a bus ride/field trip to Tulsa with some of the coolest cats on campus? I'm down with that. :D

So I'm excited for our binder decorating party! I've also been catching up on the 365 Days project. I'm way behind, but I am DETERMINED to not fail this year. I can already tell a difference though in how I improve just by drawing everyday; it's a lot less intimidating to sit at a blank piece of paper, and I feel like my technique is enhanced more. I'm stoked to see what 2012 holds for me drawing and illustration wise. I'd really, really love to be good enough one day to do concept art for video games, or illustrated book covers or album artwork or even children's books. That'd be such a fun side gig to design! <3

Right now I'm also working on reading a lot of my books I got from the book fair BEFORE the NEXT book fair that's coming up, uh, next month. xP I doubt I'll get them all read, but I'm really gonna' try to incorporate more reading into my daily schedule. Not only books, but just straight Scripture too from the Bible; I SERIOUSLY need to read the Bible more regularly than I do. :(

Well, I'm gonna' go off and finish the rest of my evening -- I had an amazing, hot bath earlier, soaking my muscles and bones and just letting them relax. It felt wonderful <3 Now I'm drinking some fresh cold water, and eating some grapes while I watch the new episode of Glee and paint my toenails and nails, and I'll probably read and draw before bed too. I'm just enjoying some restful me time before bed so I can sleep soundly and peacefully tonight. I seriously need to do this more. D:

Ta' lovelies! Thanks for reading. <3


Cheryl said...

Hugs!! Im glad you got to have a peaceful restful evening. Its always good to have those often. 0.0 life can get so hectic some times! and thats awesome about everything your classes going good, your art and design improving, 365 days yay! im just so proud of you! and thats a good idea! I need to read more books too! >< Im excited for the book fair! its always so much fun! ^^ I miss you and can't wait to see you this weekend! I hope you feel better soon too! And hope you had fun on the trip to Tulsa! hugs! love ya girl! Seriously im really proud of you. you are working so hard! and and ! I can't wait to see your new art!! :DDD

Mattie Elizabeth said...

Sounds really peaceful! I can't wait to see you guys on Saturday! :D Love you Meghan! Those pictures make me wanna drink tea.

Meghan said...

Lol, THANKS GUYS! <3 I love you both!
I'm so excited to see you both too! It shall be so lovely and much needed <333