Sunday, January 22, 2012

Let's never have this end!

I mean, seriously, today has been so awesome!

This morning, Ethan treated me to breakfast at IHOP before work, to sort of celebrate me making it through the fast and sticking to it as much as I could :D I got biscuits and gravy with eggs, and mmm, it was so delicious <3 I seriously appreciated it tons. However, I didn't eat AS much so I wouldn't overload my system right off the bat. But it was such a pleasant treat, and it was Ethan's idea too. He just surprises me with how spontaneous, generous or romantic he can be. One minute I'm thinking a certain way and the next he's just surprising me. Constantly. Haha, it never really gets too boring, we can say that.

Then today at work I got to work with people I liked, we had a good steady flow of customers, and no really rude customers or bad experiences. We also kept on top of everything so we weren't stressing out. It was amazing! Plus the work area was so clean and nice from our recent holiday-recovery. So glad the retail holiday season is over though -- that was sheer insanity.

And then, to make the night EVEN BETTER, I knew I was gonna' need some caffeine/energy to stay up to work on homework tonight, so I stopped by Starbucks before going back to my apartment. I pull into the drive through to get my drink and pay, and the guy told me the person in front of me paid for my drink also so I was good to go. I was stunned! It was SOOO generous, I sort of almost cried but I was just really happy too. It was just a small little blessing, and those things seriously make my day.

It doesn't take much to really make me feel happy and blessed, simple things matter a lot to me... So, Ethan treating me to something new, like going out for breakfast together, where he drove all the way to Edmond in the morning (he's not a morning person at all) just to do that? It was so sweet. And then just things going smoothly at work, to the person paying for my drink. It's just all great, small blessings that add up for a wonderful day. On top of that, my parents also came into work and it was so good to see and talk to them since I haven't been able to much since school started. I seriously almost shouted, "Mommy! Daddy!" when they talked in, bahaha. Then I had to maintain myself.

Me and Ethan have been watching through his Lazytown collection I got him for Christmas; that show freaking rocks! My kids are totally watching Lazytown. It's just so funny and entertaining, with great morals and great music. Sure some parts are kinda' corny, but at the same time, it's all done in such a charming way that's uniquely Lazytown. Ethan burned me some of the music and now it's stuck in my head, haha XD We're also thinking about, get this, cosplaying as Stephanie and Sportacus! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I'm not sure entirely if that's happening, but, it'd be freaking great. Ethan's already working on his Icelandic accent and awesome superhero moves and I need to get started on my dancing and bubbly personality.

Let's go!

ALSO, I've been thinking about our epic FF gals group. I'm making more progress on Yuffie right now, however, I think since it's gonna' be for TnT, I may start progress on Rinoa, that way Final Fantasy VIII can be represented, and since it's my favorite Final Fantasy game thus far anyway and she's my favorite FF gal! :3 I'm getting stoked too, if I can convince Ethan enough he may be my Squall. Which would officially fulfill all fangirl dreams of mine, since I've fangirled over Squall, like, forever. *______* Something about bad boys with scars having soft spots... Which reminds me something funny Ethan said recently. I was talking about my love for Zuko's character or something randomly as I flipped through that Zuko's Story book he had. I mentioned, "I just have this thing for bad boys, idk what it is." And then Ethan was quietly like, "... yeah, and then I came along. Third time's a charm, right?" I kinda' lost it in laughter for a little bit. It was awesome.

Haha, let's hope the rest of the week is this pleasantly surprising and just content. I know design may be stressful this week, but at the same time, I'm ready to take it on now with a positive attitude. I just wish I wasn't so tired right now, but I guess that's where caffeine can help. Gotta' get to sketching and planning and morphing animals together... don't ask. Oddly enough, yes, that last one is a legit project. Oy vey.

Ta lovelies! I love you all <3

PS: Sorry if this blog seems annoyingly happy. I guess that's just what I am right now, lol. Which is very nice. XD


Mattie Elizabeth said...


hahahah, just kidding! That sounds so exciting! :D I'm am so super stoked too! >:D lol

I'm glad you had a wonderful day.

Meghan said...

LOL, was that "the look" in Internet form? xD

Mattie Elizabeth said...

Yes, yes it was lol! Haha!