Monday, January 23, 2012

"When's it my turn? Wouldn't I love..."

"... love to explore the world up above..!"

OMG guys sorry for the double post this evening.
But this one is to litter my blog of renewed Little Mermaid love.


Holy goodness, I forgot how amazing this movie was! It's just so visual and dynamic and beautiful, and being a designer and visual person I ate it up! Wayyy more than when I was a kid. I was just entranced with the movement of everything, the lighting in certain scenes, and enraptured with Ariel's voice. I forgot just how beautiful it was. *sigh* I love Disney so much, it's so hard to pick a favorite movie. I have a love for each one in a different way.

I've decided though, I think Prince Eric is my favorite Prince. XD Like, I love Beast, he'll always hold a place in my heart, but in realistic terms from the classic Disney princes, Eric would be the one I'd want to marry (though all bets aside, I'd probably marry Flynn Rider above all, bahahaha). I forgot how sweet and adorable he is. Those blue eyyyyes <3 And dark hair! Aah!

And Ariel! Omg, I'm probably gonna' draw 398538+ pictures of her now haha. She's got a simple character design that's easy to remember and sketch, and I have so much fun drawing her hair cause it can be flowy and billowing and all over the place, I LOVE IT. I have this enamor with red headed characters too (I always seem to cosplay them or want to cosplay them) so I think that's another reason why I love Ariel so much. I think she's the prettiest of the princesses, also because of her cute, curious personality throughout the whole movie. She's just charming and adorable.

PLUS, the whole story is just about adventuring out there and taking chances; truly seeking after what you are curious about, what you're passionate about, and sticking through to the end. As well as fighting for what you love and for what you want. It's a great moral really (despite the fact she's 16 and got married after knowing him for only 3 days... bahaha) and just an insanely adorable and lovely movie all around. *sigh* <3

And I got back from Ted's this evening! And had a wonderful time! It was sooo, so great to get caught up with Lara again. I really missed our roomie time! Plus, I got more delicious food, mmm <3 But I couldn't finish it all, so I ended up taking half of it home. Eh, gives me a meal later for half the price, right? Right!

Stay beautiful ladies!

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