Monday, February 20, 2012

Define yourself.

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So that's my first ever stop motion animation! I didn't really have as much time with it as I would've liked but eh, I guess it's alright. I like a lot of the moments when you see Kairi walking or moving her arm. Even getting that other Barbie-doll-rip off to move was an accomplishment. A lot of Photoshopping out hands and stuff, haha. I think overall it took me about... 5-ish hours to make? Not enough time, but I'm pleased.

It's about defining yourself and not conforming to "social norms" or the ideals of beauty. That's why she passes by their offer of their designer bags, and is pleased looking at herself in the mirror just as she is. I hope the meaning is clear enough to my professor though -- she was concerned during the process that it would be too "abstract". I really wanted to do something you could take something away from though -- everyone else was doing cutesy, funny things, and they were great, just not like applicable really to anything. I want to clean this up and finish it out, make it longer, and maybe add some moving type and make it a video sponsoring the idea of not conforming, or being above the influence, or something. Idk. We'll see, haha

It was stressful though... our teacher did NOT teach us anything with this project. We've only learned basics of Flash, but nearly everything I've wanted to do I had to google it myself. It was annoying. I was breaking down during class, ugh I felt so embarrassed. We had classtime to work on it but it was due at the end -- I thought I'd allotted myself enough time but things started going wrong and I couldn't find a way out of it. It was a mess. One of my good friends in there helped keep me calm and helped me through it. Got it in on time, that's all that matters. I felt like an idiot for crying though. I also was cursing and stuff and getting overly frustrated *sigh* I hate how vulnerable I am to my emotions and how it causes me to react..


I'm done with class, so I'm winding down in my apartment. I was going to work out tonight, but I think I'm just going to rest and draw, do something for myself. I'm gonna' then try to go to bed early tonight to get some sleeeeeeeep~ sounds so lovely, aaaah

I have a big test Wednesday and some smaller things due, but other than that, the "stress" of my week will be over. I can't wait 'til Saturday though, book fair! I probably won't spend that much this go around, but I hope to find some stuff. It's also just fun hanging out with you guys, seriously, it makes my week <3 And we can have an AKON meeting and such to get caught up on that.

Speaking of which, I've been working on cosplay! Here are some progress photos.

Ignore my derpy face here. xD But this is a full shot of all the progress so far, minus my wig. I forgot to bring that home from my house when I went by this weekend. x.x;

We found the perfect pattern for the vest, but it was made to be unisex and it's very boxy, especially since we used a large size, haha. We'll taper it in a lot more to make it more fitting. Otherwise, I look like I have NO figure or waist, lol.

Made my first hood! :'D I was proud, haha

The arm thingy ':D

Ethan's been such a great help with this cosplay. Working with vinyl is tricky; it doesn't fray really, but when you're sewing it you have to be very careful; and can't really make much mistake, cause it tears really easily. Almost like perforating the fabric, haha. I wanted to use vinyl though cause it gives that added dimension of texture and interest, as well as it looks very Advent Children-y XD

I"m suuuuuper stoked with the progress though. Gonna' work out some more to get in the shape I want to for it. Mainly in arms/shoulders and abs. ABBBSS D<

I'm also considering doing Korra for AKON.

YEAH, I seriously might do this. It'll be easy enough within the time frame. The only thing is there may be tons of other Korras there for all I know. XD BUT I DON'T CARE. CAUSE I WANNA' BE THE BEST. -determind-

I can use my natural hair, already have the contacts. Just gotta'... make everything. XD Just big pants, a fitted shirt, some accessories, and that jacket/hip thing. And I need ta' get me some uggs. I also want to make this and wear it enough before my hair is cut short; and I think it's prime hair-time for this one, lol.

I just love how strong her character is; and how she's like, built. Not super thin or dainty. I think my body shape matches her pretty accurately (she's got the broad shoulders, narrow back, etc...) I just feel really good about this one. >:D I wanna' do it, lol.

So yeah.. that's all I really got. Thanks for reading guys!


Cheryl said...

That stop animation was awesome! :D you did such a great job! im so proud of you! ^^ and yay!! Kora! you should totally cosplay her! X3 and your yuffie is looking really good! :DDD

Meghan said...

Thanks dear!! <3 YEAH, I was pretty proud of that animation XD

I kind of want to do more on the side, or work with 2D animation flip-page/frame style. If I even have time, lol.

BUT YEAH, I wanna' do Korra so bad. XD I think it'll be my other "easy" cosplay for AKON, and I'm almost done with Yuffie anyway so I'll bring her, and then just bring Kiki. :) So you should definitely do Arrietty! Miyazaki group! <3