Thursday, February 2, 2012


Guhh, I hate feeling sick, but I think I'm starting to come down with something. Mainly just a throat thing I guess. My throat feels tickly-ish and I've been coughing some. Headaches on and off, but nothing like body aches or just exhaustion. So maybe its's a weird throat thing. Huh. Anyway, I'll probably get some Emergen-C at the store today and just take it easy all day. Luckily I'm off, but I do work Friday and Saturday so I need to keep my energy up.

Yesterday was good, but when I got home I was sort of stupid and kept making myself sad. Ethan had talked to me hardly at all all day, except when I texted him a little in the morning. I'm getting used to giving him space I guess, I haven't been nearly as clingy but I don't even think he's noticing. He hasn't talked about hanging out at all this weekend, so we probably won't see each other just us until we see each other with the whole group on Sunday.. whatever, I guess. If that's what he wants.

I can't help but be down sometimes, but I tried to not post any depressing stuff yesterday. I hate burdening everyone with my problems, and Ethan doesn't like when I post negative, angry or sad stuff on Facebook all the time, so I'm trying to stop that too. I do that a lot though so it is a habit I need to end.

I just can't wait to see friends. I've been feeling lonely again, it probably doesn't help that Lara is never here either and when she is she's either locked away in her room or all over her boyfriend. I'm not as outgoing as they are, and it's really uncomfortable when they're boyfriend-y girlfriend-y I'm just a third wheel, so I just lock myself in my room. It sucks, I miss having evenings where we just hang out her and I, doing whatever.

I hope today feels like a better day. Yesterday probably didn't help cause it was so long, with a big test right at the end of it and two deadlines before that, plus homework to do in between. Today should be a lot more lax.

I started watching Clannad last night, I really like it! Key Animation has such beautiful work, it feels cinematic while I'm watching it. C: I also love the small dashes of humor they add to it, the whole series feels very real with how they incorporate the characters interactions with one another. It's a really cute anime, and I'm sure since I loved AIR so much, I'll adore this one too. <3

Here's to the weekend being soon! I can't wait to see you guys at on Sunday! I seriously need my girls! It will give me something to look forward to to get through work C:

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