Sunday, February 12, 2012


I really really hate drama. I hate being such an emotional person, who overreacts, and sort of gets carried away.
UHHH. Glad it's all resolved though -- and hopefully, for good now. Me and Ethan had a really good talk about things we need to improve in our relationship and it all had to deal with communication; how often and how well we communicate, and how we communicate love to one another based off the system of the "5 love languages", which is different for everyone, and rarely do two people who are together have the same language.

Like, his language is acts of service or thoughtful gifts (handmade things, written notes, surprises, etc..) show him love. Actions speak louder than words, that kinda' thing. My language of love is physical touch -- holding my hand, rubbing my back, arm over the shoulder, etc, makes me feel loved and special. If you don;t know how to communicate that language of love to them, then you can't appropriately show love; and when you've been in a relationship a long time, and can't rely on the new found "tingles" anymore to show love and feelings, it can all be confusing. Apparently it's natural though; even married couples go through it. It's a job, it's work, and we just both got lazy for a while.

We're back on the right track now though. We're kinda' taking some time and distance away from one another though, not hanging out as much, he kinda' needs his space. The past two weekends we hung out everyday almost all day, so he lost a lot of "his time". Cause throughout the week he has work and what not.

JUST GLAD to have that over with. Whew. I hate emotions and drama.

But I do love getting out of school... So, I really hope we get some good ice/snow, cause I wanna' be snowed in! Yes! It makes me draw or read or do things I need to get done since I can't go out anywhere anyway. I do need to get some homework done though just in case we have class; so I'm not THAT person, haha.

I'm making progress on cosplays, slowly... I really want to get some money saved up though and just go at it. As well as save money for summer stuff.. I'm considering a second job. Or just putting my photography/design stuff out there a lot more. I need to get tons saved up for everything >.< New York, Florida, conventions... I may be going to Red River too with Ethan and his family. GAH. So much. I'm excited though, cause I LOVE traveling, and I haven't done it in forever.

I better get off and get to homework. Sorry for the emoness lately, but you guys are so amazing for always being there for me. <3 I have the BEST friends, I'm not even joking.



Cheryl said...

Im glad things are better between you and ethan now. I was getting really worried about you. :( and sigh, I wish it had snowed more... >< oh wells! it was pretty though! I was bad this morning though and didn't go to FT even though it wasn't canceled. ><

Meghan said...

Yeah, I'll need to update you on everything with him @_@ I forgot to bring it up last night, lol. But things are good :)

And yeah, I agree, I wish it snowed more -- classes at UCO were only delayed an hour x.x; and my design classes are like 2+ hours so it didn't make much of a difference, haha. Especially since they didn't let us know 'til 5 in the morning so I still had to get up at the normal time just in case. OH WELL. It's nice to see pretty snow out on the ground. C: