Thursday, February 16, 2012

Visiting relatives!

So last night I got to see my uncle and aunt who live in Pennsylvania! They are so funny and sharp, that east coast like persona about them. I love them to death though, but I haven't seen them in years. It's hard when a lot of my family leaves in the east coast and we can't necessarily travel there every summer (work, school, etc...) So it's always great to see them when we can. Usually my dad's family tries to come down every now and then and visit, whether it's just an uncle or an aunt or both. I can't wait 'til we have a big family reunion one day though -- I miss everyone!

After that, I went by Ethan's and we watched some of his old family videos -- may I say, ADORABLE. Haha, he, his sisters and his cousins were SO YOUNG, it was adorable! Haha, I'm pretty close with his family now so it was really cool to see them all in those videos from back in the day. His parents and uncles and aunts were so young too! Haha, gotta' love the 90's fashion and hair, right? That was interesting to see. It was also really funny, cause anytime Ethan showed up, even though he was only seven, he still had a lot of his mannerisms he has now. Just little things I noticed XD We're gonna' watch some of my family videos next cause we had such a blast haha. I'm such a memory person, I love reminiscing!

Watching them made me want to invest in a camcorder though; so when we go to conventions or when I go places I can start doing video diaries or something. And why not?! Film is an area I haven't dabbled in too much, and heck, I dabble in everything else artsy fartsy wise, so this should be fun. I'm gonna' start saving up and hopefully get one in time for my summer adventures. :) I love photography, but sometimes catching moving film and recording moments is just as memorable if not more so <3 So beware! I'll be video recording now too, almost all the time when we're together on big adventures. XD

Someone's gotta' keep track right?

Well, I better head off -- Ethan and I are having our Valentine's Day date tonight <3 I'm waiting on his present to print off (the poster I designed) but the lab monitor is having difficulties cutting paper. She doesn't really look like she's a graphic design major, so I feel kinda' bad for her. Lol, I'm trying to have patience, but I really need to finish gathering the rest of his present >< Hopefully I'll have time.

I'll let you all know how tonight goes! I'm excited to see what he has planned outside of our normal V-Day tradition. :3 Lol!

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