Monday, February 27, 2012

I am falling.

I'm listening to this amazing new music! It's actually by an artist that came to our Inktank studio to get some identity/branding done. Mainly album artwork stuff, and then probably some website and promotional work later on. They're from LA, California and are a new pop/indie/alternative band named Sugarwaves. Their sound is so relaxing and mesmerizing. It's really beautiful <3 Totally listen to the song! (this is the band that my friend did that underwater photoshoot for, btw C: And listening to the music now, it totally makes me think of underwater and ethereal mermaids or something, haha)

So this weekend was a blast! The book fair was super fun, I found so much! It was also awesome to hang out afterwards like we did, going out to eat and walking around and stuff. I miss doing stuff like that, it brings me back to times when we had more time to do social things and hang out randomly. We need to do this again!

Anyway, I'm hoping to get started reading some of my books. I didn't get as many novels this go around since I got a lot last year that I haven't read yet o.o But I'm mainly excited about reading and looking through my reference books I bought the most :DDDD I always need more inspiration for design work and photography. I'm definitely planning on saving up for some underwater equipment and am going to branch into that awesomeness, hopefully by summertime. You guys should totally be my models!

So I decided to get on track with losing weight and staying healthy again. I kinda' fell off of it this whole month, but I'm going to make some changes/sacrifices so I can be healthier and lose some weight by convention season, and summer season. I wanna' feel good about myself, and look cute in a bathing suit ;D Haha

Here's a list of things I'm thinking of doing to start out with.

- Giving up Starbucks frappuchinos, or limit to ONE a week/every two weeks (only as a treat or gift to myself)
- Drink only light soda (Sprite, ginger ale), tea, fruit drinks or water, and if I drink dark soda, only ONCE a day.
- Drink MORE water. Get full recommended amount in daily.
- Work out somehow everyday.
- Positive thoughts on my self-esteem and encouragement.
- Weight loss/self-image Bible study.
- Eating out way less. Only eat out if I'm going to with friends/family.
- Cook healthier meals; stray away from Mac and Cheese, instant microwave dinners, or unhealthy snacks.
- Eat some sort of breakfast in the morning; it will start my metabolism up for the day
- Drink more tea! Benefits of healthier skin, hair, etc...
- Get more sleep. Quit staying up so late even if I don't need to.
- More "sports candy! Haha ;) Fruits and veggies and stuff, mainly (that was a Lazytown reference, lol)
- Go outside more, occupy m bored/downtime with stuff other than sedentary activities or snacking or sleeping.

That's all I can think of right now.
I'm excited to get started though!
I need to also start working out for Korra. I'm gonna' try to get more defined arms/shoulders by AKON. D: And abs of course. Just tone down/thin down in general so I can feel confident in cosplay. Gotta' shed off this winter weight I've gained. Gah!

It'd be awesome if you ladies helped hold me accountable >.< Thanks so much! Love you guys!


Cheryl said...

Omg!! Im so excited for you to get underwater camera equipment! Woot! I wanna be your model! XD lol! and I like that song! and Im so proud of you! I'll hold you accountable Meghan! Ok, tonight I want you to do 50 situps, take a 30 min break then do 30 more. >:D ok, and and..... yes! thats awesome about all the design books and stuff you got at the book fair! I have another challenge for you. Every night, look through or read from any book you got at the book fair and either take a photo of what you read and learned from the book, or draw something or take a photo of anything that inspired you from the books. :D Ok! haha! I'll leave ya alone now. XD love you!!

Meghan said...

Hahaha, sweet! Awesome challenges xD Thanks dear! I did 50 sit-ups total last night, plus 10 seconds planking. I'm gonna' try to get up to 2 minutes planking and 200 sit-ups in a month D< I'm determined! Haha. I also am going to start walking/running or go to the gym more when it's warmer at night

The reading/drawing challenge sounds awesome though! I shall try >;D

Love you dear! And you will SO be my model for underwater photography. You have mermaid hair!! D: <3