Monday, February 13, 2012


I know it didn't end up being enough to cancel school or shut down the world or anything; but I still love seeing it! I can be a very traditional person sometimes, and if the winter doesn't have snow at least once, I don't feel like it's winter, haha. I don't mind cold weather if I can crunch through snow or see the glistening white blanket while I walk. I'm probably going to go take pictures later and meander around since I'll be done with class by six. <3

I've been doing well keeping up with homework and projects and stuff, and I like the feeling of it. Not feeling rushed or like I'm procrastinating; I found an amazing app on my computer for such, lol, called "iProcrastinate" and it's GREAT for project and deadline organizing. I love it! It's really made by procrastinators for procrastinators, lol.

So I think an AKON meeting is in need here soon, where we can have all proposed people going meet up at once, including the guys. It'd be a good idea to get a lot of logistics figured out; hotel, costs, etc, so we can start saving up and planning around the financial stuff. I'm pretty much considering all of May knocked out for me when it comes to getting ready and prepared, since I'll be traveling so much and with finals and stuff, so I'm trying to get things done ahead of time to save from stress. We should all figure out schedules and then see what works best for everyone to meet up and talk, even if it's just a short while :3 It doesn't need to be a big hang out thing or anything.

And I think Ethan is going to go -- he doesn't really WANT to, but he will go for us to not disappoint. He's a really selfless soul sometimes it's baffling. I mean, he doesn't want to let us down, even if he's not really wanting to go himself. It's really nice of him; and I can't really keep arguing like "Oh, well you don't have to..." because he knows how much we all want him there. So I'm just talking to him like he's going, lol. And considering him in all the plans. Even if I need to pay for his pass or whatever, I'll do it.

He really likes the idea of a stress-free convention. Where we can relax in the hotel more (movies, swimming, etc) and not be at the con 24/7. Where we don't feel constantly scheduled or rigorous; where we can see things without rushing, etc. And I like that idea too; last year felt so high-paced and stressful O.O And with easier cosplays this go around, and just more preparation, will have a really good year I believe. :)

I think I decided on a cosplay line-up for AKON though. I will be cosplaying, just nothing big:
- Advent Children Yuffie
- Ramona from Scott Pilgrim vs the World
- And possibly nothing else/just casual wear.

Other cosplays I had in mind that were already on my cosplay list (casual/comfy/easy):
- Yukiko from Persona 4

All I need for her is a long black, straight wig, and then just find/buy the clothes and modify them slightly.

Or Makoto from the Girl Who Leapt Through Time:

I doubt I will cut my hair by then; but if not, I'd either wear my Yuffie wig or find a cheap, short brown wig to wear.

I just love cosplaying x.x; Even if it's simpler cosplays. It's so fun to just change for a day and dress up and take on a character and their story. And even if I'm recognized or not, just being in cosplay is a lot of fun!

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Mattie Elizabeth said...

I already have the logistics planned out, so I can make a pamphlet :D of costs yada yada. And if it's you, cheryl, sable, me, ethan, santiago, and tiger then we'll need two cars.