Saturday, February 18, 2012

We should get jerseys, 'cause we make a good team.

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The past week has been amazing! Despite a weekend class, cold weather and feeling sleepy a lot, I had a really great week. :)

Ethan and I had our Valentine's Day date on Thursday, and I must say it was lovely! He picked me up, and then when we got to his house we popped in the heart shaped pizza and waited as it cooked. It smelt so good and I'd had my taste buds set on it <3 I gave him his present, and even though the wrapping seems extravagant it wasn't too much haha (it's all Hobby Lobby really had XD)

He loved it! :D I was very pleased with how it framed and turned out altogether. I love doing design work for presents; it's always so exciting to see their reactions <3

Then the pizza was ready! And Ethan had an adorable little table set up, and some sparkling cider sitting on the table with champagne glasses and candles. :D

It was supposed to be a "heart-shaped" pizza but eh, it didn't really look it, haha.

After all that we just lounged around, watched Star Wars Episode VI and then seperated early considering I had class the next day and he had to get up super early for work. All in all, it was a cute, lovely little evening, and I couldn't have asked for more. <3


AND THENNNNNN of course, as you ladies know, I had an amazing girl's night to see "Secret Tales of Arrietty" and it was SO GOOD! I loved it! Adorable, beautiful, stunning, as always, Miyazaki excels. I love my girls and our girl's nights too - we have the best of times! >:'D


This is pretty much the best picture in life.

CRAP, that one sort of tied I guess. :>


Gaaah, at work today there was this DEMONIC CHILD, I swear, who was throwing a full-blown temper tantrum because his mom wouldn't buy him an XBOX 360 controller, even though she was already buying him a $30 game he shouldn't probably play anyway... He started fussing and whining and demanding it. And not giving it up. She threatened to take the game back so they wouldn't get anything, but he still fought it. He was stomping his feet, pouting, everything. She ended up buying the game, not giving in about the controller though, but he was STILL fighting it. Saying "JUST get it for me mom" like, whining and screaming and stuff. She was so calm, but stern, telling him no, and threatening to return the game.

So when he started picking up movies of ours and throwing them on the floor, and dropping the controller on the floor, she started to return the game. He started FREAKING OUT, screaming, crying, and when it was finished, he threw the controller clear across the room. He reached over ontop of the counter and tried crumpling up the receipt and grabbing the game again, and then he started to run and kick his mom in the back of her knees. She was not hitting him or anything but just remaining calm but she seemed helpless. He was hitting her now, and one of our employees ended up stepping in and holding the child back while the mother grabbed the game and controller and set it on out counter, then snatched her kid's hand and started walking out with him as he screamed, bit her, kicked her, etc. She asked for our employee's help. He wanted to though because that kid was just getting insane. He was hurting his mother, and he was throwing our stuff around the store. He seemed to be 7-8 years old, so he knew what he was doing.

I watched as they went to the car, and he was like, reaching up and slapping his mom in the face, hitting her atop her head, biting and fighting her grasp. He was whining and running away from her like he wasn't going into the car. Our employee ended up walking outside to talk to her and be sort of that "authority figure" that the kid needed around to be shut up by. We got close to calling the cops -- it was seriously that ridiculous. It made other customers terribly uncomfortable and it became violent; kid or not, he was acting way out of line.

-sigh- it was INSANE. I feel like I saw a glimpse of what Mattie and Cheryl go through now, geez... that's just ridiculous. Kids these days. -shakes head- I would've been KILLED if I acted that way towards my parents. One word from them and I hardly whined. Kids are just getting arrogant and spoiled, and want to act out around authority figures and totally disrespect them.. it's ridiculous.

When I have kids, THEY ARE BEHAVING. I am not going to take something like that in public, it's just ridiculous D:

Well, that's all I have to blog about. I have the inventory shift tomorrow so... I probably should get sleep cause I need to wake up in four and a half hours. x'D /dead

Thanks for reading! :)


Cheryl said...
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Cheryl said...

0.0 wow... that kid needs a serious spanking!!!! That is so terrible!! Man!! Kids are getting sooo bad now and days, it really scares me and makes me sad... :( but whats sad is its not really the kids fault, the parents aren't being good parents ya know? like that mom should not let her child act like that. Parents are getting to passive and aren't disciplining like they used to. They dont want to hurt their kid, but by not disciplining them they are hurting them. :(

And Im glad you and ethan had a good Valentines date. It looks so cute the table set up and stuff! You two are so adorable! ^^

Mattie Elizabeth said...

I've told one of the kids I at my daycare that I was going to call the cops on him, haha, he stopped doing what he was doing. I've had to chase down a couple outside and like, run my hardest. Sometimes it does get crazy, but thankfully nothing has ever gotten tooo out of control at my center, the older ones. They're a pretty good bunch of kids. P has told me stories of kids they use to have, Alissa was once tackled to the ground by a 10 yr old and had her hair yanked out. P's son, Klint, had to get the kid off. CRAZY. O.O

Yeah, I was terrified of my parents. Yes I did try to push buttons but there was a point where I knew when to stop. I still am terrified of my parents, they're always like your not too old for a spankin. O.O

Meghan said...

Yeah! It's insane D: I was like "MAN, this is probably close to what Mattie and Cheryl had to deal with... I don't see how they did it"

But in the future we'll probably just call the cops. it was such an uncomfortable situation and no one really knew what to do.