Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"I hate how I don't hate you...

.. not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all." -- 10 Things I Hate About You


And Valentine's Day was so lovely!

I had class in the morning, but it was just a review day for our test coming up on Thursday, so it wasn't too bad; we actually got out early! Before that though, when I came out of my room to get ready for the day, I noticed a cute little present sitting on the floor in front of my door. Lara got me cute, Valentine's day socks! I loved them! They're actually all singles, but about six in a pack, so they "match" by color, but not really match entirely. So it's fun to wear mismatching ones. C:

After class I got back and did some cleaning, laundry and baked some cookies that I was gonna' take into work. I got out to my car though, and the battery was dead :( Lara wasn't around, and there was rarely someone in the parking lot that wasn't already on a mission to go wherever they were going, so I called the police on campus. Thirty minutes later they made it finally, and after a bad jumper box replacement, it finally was running again! I was pretty late to work though, almost 45 minutes. But luckily they understood. And they liked the cookies I baked C: (even though they were slightly crispy...)

We were reeeeeeeally slow. Jasmine told me we'd be busy cause Valentine's Day is huge on retail or something like that; but that was definitely not true, lol. Not much to do, and only a handful of customers, nothing too hard to manage; luckily it went by fast though.

And Ethan came in and surprised me! <33

He brought me flowers and some chocolates. It was so sweet, I wasn't expecting it. "I just wanted to brighten up your day" he told me, cause of my car incident and then having to work on Valentine's Day. I hadn't expected anything because our date was gonna' be on Thursday, but it was still so nice of him to come by.

And then of course Mattie came by as well~! Which was such a lovely surprise <3 <3 "The Boulder is afflicted!" LOL

And then I got home and did some homework and watched 10 Things I Hate About You! Which may not SOUND like a good Valentine's Day movie, but oh, it is. It has my favorite kind of romance too; the "I loathe you but really love you" kind of stuff. Amazing chemistry, and of course: young Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Heath Ledger, two of my FAVORITE actors. Joseph is so tiny and his voice is so high; it's so funny to see him as Arthur in Inception, all serious and what not. It makes me want to re-watch 500 Days of Summer too since he's in it. And Zoey Deschanel! <3

Tomorrow I get to see my uncle and aunt who are in town from Pennsylvania! Aah! I'm so excited, I haven't seen them in forever. I'm skipping my evening class to do so, otherwise, they'd be leaving Thursday morning having only gotten here today, and I worked 'til 10 today and would've had class 'til 9 on Wednesday. But I'll just get notes from someone. It's worth it :3

Now, off to pass out and have sweet dreams 'til the rude awakening of morning.

Love you ladies! Ta!